RAISING CLARITY Instant Downloads

RAISING CLARITY Instant Downloads

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Seasonal Video Courses

Manifesting what we want is so much easier when we collaborate with the distinct energies of each season.
In each video, I show you how, appropriately to the season, and what to do when.
I just watched in the dimmed light with a candle. Cool to know we are hibernating with our light and winter energy inside the earth and find our north star in the cosmos. I also like learning to love the dark and find our way in it. I am learning to BE more, to allow what I started to germinate, to take its time, to conspire and collaborate with me, as you said so beautifully.

–Tracy H., North Carolina

I just watched the course and loved it. Your blessings and words of encouragement, support and permission were so fulfilling. It was wonderful!

–DK, Wisconsin

I love the short size of this--enough to take on, not overwhelming or too much, and yet so meaningful and impactful. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!! I'm really excited to see what comes of all this :). And I'm also going to send this to some of my friends/community.

– ES, Missouri

Time, Money, and Clarity

Book: Structure Magic

Structure Magic is a guide to manifestation and mental freedom through structure. It gives you my tools for structuring your mind in ways that achieve your purpose magically.
Once you put your thoughts to a concerted purpose, you can manifest much more easily what it is you are specifically seeking. Our mental stories limit our thoughts. Structure magic frees them up. I change my stories through structuring. And so can you. Click the image to find out much more about this unusual, empowering book.

Mastering Your Money Flow


A complete course in both the rational, financial side of money management and the intuitive, spiritual aspect of money and healing your relationship to it.
This course teaches you how to
  • Understand money as a language that wisdom is trying to reach you through; receive its messages, and use them.
  • Make peace with the voices in your head around money.
  • Become financially fierce.
This video is very helpful and gives me lots of good ideas for improving my relationship with money. (Joe C., MD)
What a great article. I have never thought of money as energy and the need for it to flow. Thank you for the new perspective. (Matt M., FL)
free of charge
Since money wants to flow like water, why not build your channels and stop worrying so much about spending? This video teaches you and uses guided meditation to expand on the article you will find–all at the same link.
Requested by a soul-colleague with an obstacle who knows how powerful a guided meditation can be when we’ve tried everything else.

Inspired by a soul-colleague who was having a hard time making a decision, this 3-minute guided meditation walks you through the forest of your decision-making and helps you find the right path.

This course teaches the practice I invented to handle difficult questions without internal conflict. This is RAISING CLARITY within yourself.
free of charge
Winter is the season of the water element. Journey with me to my house built over a river in the realm of vivid dreaming and inner re-creation. I’ll be your guide in a meditative experience of peace and letting go. There is nothing you need do but receive. Please listen to this when you are able to relax completely–you may fall asleep! And that is a good thing.
Practical, not too long, and soul-filled. (JG, Florida)
This  course teaches you you three fundamental practices that will change your relationship with time if you do them regularly.
This thoughtfully edited recording of a live class includes student Q&A where it is most relevant to you, the participant in this virtual class.

Use this course to find time for the things your soul longs to do that you never seem to find the time for.
Be prepared for a wake-up.
This course will tell you how much time you have available.
But its purpose is awareness of how you use your time. The course includes guidance about how to use the information you gain.
Awareness is what will help you change how you use your time. (For more about how that works, you may enjoy reading this blog post about this course).
This is a wonderful course! I just completed my transparent time map. The insights I received are both subtle and far reaching.

-Danelle K.

Promoting Your Work

If you want to learn to edit your own writing without professional editing, this video course is a solid place to begin. It will teach you what to do plus how to get the distance you need on your own writing to self-edit effectively.


The course teaches you about the two primary kinds of editing, developmental editing and copyediting. It also teaches you a lot about a very important part of editing: self-editing.


And if you decide to work with an editor, this course will also teach you what to ask of any editor you interview. To learn more about the professional work I do as an editor, click here.

Promotion with Integrity: A Series

 A series guiding you through potential blockages you may have to your success and abundance, specifically when it comes to promoting your work in the world. Each post contains healing text and imagery plus a deep, unique audio-only guided meditation.
all free of charge

Claim Your Calling Program

My one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive, in-depth program gives you the time, money, focus, and mindset to follow your calling, no matter what else you have going on, and without giving up anything important to you. Find out more on the page below, or watch the short videos and read my blog posts about the program, plus watch testimonials for it.
  • Short videos and blog posts are here, and also free of charge.



free of charge

Life Simplified Radio, April 12, 2018

In this half-hour show, I discuss how to stay peaceful and ethical when managing money and fundraising. My hosts are Bettina Blanchard and Ross Goldberg of this Maine public radio show focused on having fun living simply. Listen for Bettina’s genius insight that being busy is basically like having too much”stuff” in your schedule.

Community Builders Forum, February 25, 2018

In this 56-minute webinar, I tell Executive Director Sky Blue of the Fellowship for Intentional Community how to raise money while staying true to yourself and staying sane.

Successful Balanced Living, February 21 and February 28, 2018

A two-part radio show (each part is a half-hour) with sound-healer and Reiki master Andrea Wenger, showing:

    • on February 21st: how to identify a blockage in your flow of giving or receiving, and how to heal it
    • on February 28th: how to reclaim time you may be giving away to others without meaning to, and how to stop.

The Coaching Perspective, June 11, 2015

Professional coach Doug Gfeller, MCC interviews me about “Integrating Your Body Into The Coaching Conversation.”

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