RAISING CLARITY Instant Downloads

RAISING CLARITY Instant Downloads

Abundance and Removing Blocks to Abundance

Sharing Stillness (both free of charge)

I produced these two meditations at the start of the pandemic as a community offering.

Structure and Getting Organized

How to Reach Clarity in A Decision (free of charge)

Inspired by a soul-colleague who was having a hard time making a decision, this 3-minute guided meditation walks you through the forest of your decision-making and helps you find the right path.


How to Work with A Council of Selves ($25)

A practice I invented to handle difficult questions without internal conflict. This is RAISING CLARITY within yourself. It makes self-honesty easy. It helps you love yourself. It’s also surprising. (If you aren’t surprised by what you find out about yourself from doing this practice, you aren’t doing this practice!)


Time Mapping, Simplified ($15)

A tiny, simple, ruthless course that shows you exactly what you are doing with your time, every hour of every week. The course closes with guidance about how to use the information you gain. Use this course to find time for the things your soul longs to do that you never seem to find the time for. Be prepared for a wake-up.

Working with Seasonal Energies

I believe in collaborating with the very distinct energies of each season to empower and ease the work we do in this world.

Interviews: RAISING CLARITY 101 (all free of charge)

Each of these interviews presents an aspect of RAISING CLARITY to an audience of newcomers.

An Interview About Courage with Authentic Business and Marketing Coach George Kao, November 16, 2021

George and I talk about how essential courage is to stepping out onto the entrepreneurial journey–and how hard-won it can be and how to cultivate it. For entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and soulpreneurs.


Life Simplified Radio, April 12, 2018

In this half-hour show, I discuss how to stay peaceful and ethical when managing money and fundraising. My hosts are Bettina Blanchard and Ross Goldberg of this Maine public radio show focused on having fun living simply. Listen for Bettina’s genius insight that being busy is basically like having too much”stuff” in your schedule.


Community Builders Forum, February 25, 2018

In this 56-minute webinar, I tell Executive Director Sky Blue of the Fellowship for Intentional Community how to raise money while staying true to yourself and staying sane.


Successful Balanced Living, February 21 and February 28, 2018

A two-part radio show (each part is a half-hour) with sound-healer and Reiki master Andrea Wenger, showing:

    • on February 21st: how to identify a blockage in your flow of giving or receiving, and how to heal it
    • on February 28th: how to reclaim time you may be giving away to others without meaning to, and how to stop.


Mindful Marketing Interview, December 14, 2015

For 36 minutes, Kimberly Maska, mindful marketer for spiritual entrepreneurs interviewed me. This show is a wild ride into

    • my past life as an art model and a fundraiser (and how they are similar);
    • my first big-donor ask
    • how I came up with the term “soul-colleague,” and
    • what I do instead of advertising
    • plus a whole lot more related to promoting your work.


The Coaching Perspective, June 11, 2015

Professional coach Doug Gfeller, MCC interviews me about “Integrating Your Body Into The Coaching Conversation.”

Published Articles and Posts (all free of charge)

Claim Your Calling (all free of charge)

Short videos and blog posts are here.

My free, 45-minute masterclass in the five essential steps to following your calling are here.

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