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For Individuals

Our coaching work with individuals has proven effective with:


• money issues


• time issues


• abundance blockages


• work-life balance


• personal-professional growth.


Claim Your Calling

Claim Your Calling is our intensive transformational course…


…that helps you follow your calling without sacrifice by reclaiming (and increasing) your time, money, focus, and mindset.

This program is for loving people who know they have a calling, and want mastery of their resources to follow it.

To learn more, please book our free Claim Your Calling Discovery Call right here! If you’d like more information before we talk, you’ll enjoy this masterclass detailing our approach.


For Organizations

We offer, on an hourly or project basis:


• Fundraising Advising


• Campaign Design, Troubleshooting, and Advising


• Board of Directors Development


• Quite a Bit More!