Another Pair of Eyes: An Introduction to Editing Recorded Workshop

Writing something dear to your heart?
Worried about editing?

Try my gentle, clear video course

Another Pair of Eyes:

An Introduction to Editing Recorded Workshop

This video teaches you about the two primary kinds of editing:

    • developmental editing, and
    • copyediting.


This video also teaches you a lot about a very important part of editing:

    • self-editing.


If you want to learn to edit your own writing without professional editing, this video course is a solid place to begin. It will teach you what to do plus how to get the distance you need on your own writing to self-edit effectively.


If you decide to work with an editor, this course will also teach you what to ask of any editor you interview. And you should interview an editor you’re considering working with. You do this to ensure a good fit, good reputation and skills, and to ensure the editor you trust with your writing and your money is respectful of your writing and “gets” it, and you.


If you’re curious to explore editing with me, email me at [email protected] and describe what you’re working on.

How to Gain Access to the Course

The “Another Pair of Eyes: Introduction to Editing Recorded Workshop” costs $10. To gain access:

    1. Open the Course page. Notice it is password-protected.

    2. Make your payment using the button below.

    3. Write down the password you will see in the message confirming your payment.

    4. Type the password into the Course page, and it will open up for you.

Please email me if you have any problems accessing this course: [email protected]