Spring Video Course: 3 Tools for Manifesting Your Plan in the Spring Info & Access


Spring Course:

Whether you think you have a plan, or think you don’t, a plan is unfolding. With your awareness or without it!

This video teaches you how to use the abundant energies of Spring to grace and power your own abundance. So that your plan becomes conscious and unfolds within your awareness and choice.

Those are exactly the three tools you need for RAISING CLARITY in Spring:

    • Attention & Awareness, and then

    • Choosing–and last, but very importantly:

    • Nourishing.

This course will teach you how to do each of these things, relying on the Spring energies for support.

The time is now.

Because Spring is the preferred time to manifest a plan.

Want to watch some of it first?
Here’s a “taster” of my Spring video course:

PS: If you used the Fall video course to create your year plan: this will help you return to your plan and know what to do with it in the season of proliferation. Spring is that season.

How to Gain Access to the Course

The Spring Course costs $15. To gain access:

Make your payment using the button below.

After you submit payment, you will be taken to the Course page.

Please email me if you have any questions or problems accessing the Course: [email protected]