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Why Buy This Book?

Structure Magic is a guide to manifestation and mental freedom through structure.

Mental structure calls our thoughts into a pattern. This book is for people who want to get to know their thoughts, and tune them to perform in concert. That may feel like it’s asking a lot but really, why think at all, if not with a purpose?

The purpose this book teaches you to give your thoughts is a purpose of your own choosing. What I do in this book is give you my tools for structuring your mind in ways that achieve your purpose magically.

Once you put your thoughts to a concerted purpose, you can manifest much more easily what it is you are specifically seeking. (For the ethics of manifestation, please see my free blog post here.)

Our mental stories limit our thoughts. Structure magic frees them up.

I change my stories through structuring. And so can you.

When you create a structure using the information and exercises in this book, you then use your structure to help you manifest what you’re seeking.

Your structure will actually offer you information: you can tell when you’re on the right track and when you’re off-track. Your structure will work with you to show you the changes to make.

Noticing we have this ability is magical, massive, miraculous, mammoth. It’s also completely normal, our birthright.

How to Gain Access to the Book:

The price of Structure Magic is $11.

To gain access:

    1. Open the Book’s page. Notice it is password-protected.

    2. Make your payment using the button below.

    3. Write down the password you will see in the message confirming your payment.

    4. Type the password into the Book’s page, and you will be able to download the book Structure Magic.

Please email me if you have any problems accessing Structure Magic: [email protected]