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The 3 Questions Course guides you step-by-step through planning your entire upcoming year (from now til next Fall) in one calm, powerful hour.

I just watched the course and loved it. Your blessings and words of encouragement, support and permission were so fulfilling. It was wonderful!
--DK, Wisconsin

Here is a one-minute video about it.

The 3 Questions are

The 3 Questions Course calmly guides you through completion of the essential things required to transform your year in just one hour:

    • Review of your past year (from Fall 2020 to Fall 2021).

    • Guidance to help you answer each of The 3 Questions.

    • Examination of what’s in your way of manifesting your answers to The 3 Questions and a plan to change it this Fall.

    • Guidance for what to do throughout the rest of the year to help manifest your answers to The 3 Questions.

I just completed it. It was such a nourishing, deep, aligning 2 hours. I feel wonderful and really good about the upcoming year + cycle(s) :). I love the short size of this--enough to take on, not overwhelming or too much, and yet so meaningful and impactful.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you!! I'm really excited to see what comes of all this :). And I'm also going to send this to some of my friends/community.
--ES, Missouri

The 3 Questions Course costs $30.

Please pay using one of the buttons below. After you submit payment, be sure to stay on this page and read the message that will appear right here. It will give you the password to log into the password-protected Course page. Be sure to copy down the password. Email me if you have any questions: bethraps@raisingclarity.com

Thank you!