Crystal: And So We Begin Our Journey of Promotion with Integrity

Crystal: And So We Begin Our Journey of Promotion with Integrity


Quartz, Tibet. Image by JJ Harrison, uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

This is to announce a series of posts starting next week about promotion (PR, marketing, spreading the word) in alignment with your highest self. Promotion that doesn’t make you want to puke, in other words. We call this Promotion with Integrity.*

Throughout this Summer, from May to August, we’ll be teaching promotion with integrity in seven posts (one every other week). Each post will

  • give you actionable information on doing promotion connected with one of your seven chakras*  in ways you might never have thought of
  • offer a meditation healing each chakra’s ability to help you promote your work
  • announce the day/date/time of a free telephone chat on the promotional topic discussed in the post.

And we will, seven times this Summer

  • host a free telephone chat on the topic of the post
  • answer any/all questions, in detail on the post topic if you submit them as a comment to the blog post (so everyone learns).

We don’t think we know everything about promotion with integrity. We just think we know something.

We know that promotion that feels aligned, wise, clear and GOOD is possible, and sometimes rare.

We want to make it much more possible and much less rare.

You may be holding back promoting your work or project (whether you’re an entrepreneur, academic, healer, world-changer or artist) because promoting it makes you literally feel sick to your stomach. 

This was us! And now, it’s not. We have learned a lot we want to share.

We announce this series to challenge ourselves to write it! In the crystal is each color of the body and the rainbow.  Crystalline structure heals broken patterns into wholeness. We offer this series to your transformation and to promote RAISING CLARITY coaching and consulting. There are no secrets when you do promotion with integrity. None are needed.

If you aren’t already signed up for our blog, you can do so here.

*A couple of years ago, we created a Facebook Group you can join called, “Promotion with Integrity.” You are welcome to join!

**Energy centers in your physical and subtle body.


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