Promotion with Integrity is Clear-Sighted

Promotion with Integrity is Clear-Sighted


Promotion with integrity is clear-sighted, like the clarity and color of this Tereshchenko diamond by Famous Diamonds.

Promotion with Integrity is Clear-Sighted


Being clear is easy. We are born clear.

Becoming brave enough to be clear in our promotion however may take unlearning fear.

Promotion with Integrity is courageously clear-sighted. Consider these questions:

    • How many times have you stood in your truth as you promoted your work?
    • How many times have you stood up for your truth in promoting your work?
    • How many times have you caved?

Never, I hope, for that last question!

But if you have caved in to promoting your work using something other than your whole truth, you are not alone. I have too, but when I call upon all my powers, I have the courage of my clairvoyance.

Unlearn Untruth

I can unlearn untruth.

Clear-sighted is what “clairvoyant” means.  Clairvoyance you may think of as the power of a only a few, but that’s simply not true. Clairvoyant people have the courage of their clear-sightedness. As Maggie Kuhn, founder of the Gray Panthers said,

Speak your mind–even if your voice shakes.

Audio Guided Meditation

Click here for my 10-minute guided meditation bringing clearsightedness to your promotion of your work.


    1. Notice that we can see much more than we often allow ourselves to see, including about our work: we can see
      • what work we really do–and what we don’t (even if we wish we did)
      • what feels right in promoting our true work (and what nauseates us)
      • the intersection “where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet,” as Frederick Buechner put it.
    2. Write what you see about yourself, your work, an the world. You don’t have to show it to anyone. Sometimes it comes with a lot of emotion. Write it all out. Edit the crap out of it but not the good stuff. Allow yourself to notice what the good stuff is.
    3. Allow yourself to share what you see. Build up to the courage of your clairvoyance.

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