Promotion with Integrity is Powerful

Promotion with Integrity is Powerful


yellow crystal

Promotion with Integrity is Powerful: Power emerges from our solar plexus, associated with the brilliant yellow of the sun like this gem image by Nasirkhan, accessed via Morguefile.

Promotion with Integrity is Powerful


No matter how you feel about promoting your work, once you are grounded, you can do it. That was step one, that post.

You find the ideas inside yourself so that your promotion is juiced with your special brand of creativity. That was step two, that post.

Now, it is time to give your promotion power. 

Power comes from within. You have all the power you need.

If you doubt this, you may need to unblock it. This post helps you do that.

Audio Guided Meditation

Click here for my 12-minute guided meditation bringing powerfulness to your promotion of your work.


  1. Unblocking your power is much easier–and can be much scarier–than fantasizing about power. Notice your thoughts about power: others have more than I do, I had more power when I was (rich or young or whatever), I will have power when I’m (rich or young or whatever).
  2. Take responsibility for your thoughts about your power. Where have you given up? How have you interrupted or diverted the extraordinary powers we are each born with and you were born with, and have continued to develop as you’ve grown. They have not decreased–your powers increase as you live.
  3. One reason we dislike promoting our work is that we dislike the promotion we’ve seen. Changing this means changing our ideas of power.  Notice your mental images of power/ful people. Some may be positive: you can emulate them! But you do not have to be like anyone you’ve ever seen in order to promote your work. YOU may be one of your own positive images: think of moments you felt “in your power” talking about your work. In those moments, you were having a good time. Having a good time radiates. It’s powerful. THAT’s what I’m talking about. That’s ALL I’m talking about. You’ve got it! And now you can put it to work.

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