Time Mapping Simplified: Info and Access Page

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Time Mapping Simplified:

Course Info and Access Page

About the Course

This course gives you a simple, infallible picture of
    • how much time you have
    • how you’re using your time
    • where you have time you’re not using.
It’s simple, yes. But it’s not necessarily easy to handle what you’ll learn. Be prepared for a wake-up.


That’s what you wanted, right? If so, this course is for you.


I encourage you to use the information you’ll get from this course to have more time for what’s most important to you. That will give you the motivation to make the very best use of the wake-up it gives you.

How to Gain Access to the Course

The cost of the course is $15.
To buy this course, make your payment below. Then watch this space! Right before your eyes, after your payment is processed, you will see a thank-you for your payment + the password.The easiest way to connect the password to the course page is to click here to open up the course page right now, before you pay. The course page will open in a new window, and you’ll easily see where to put in the password.
Then once you pay, just copy the password from this page and put it in the space provided for the password on the course page. Save a copy of the password for your records, too. And thank you!