Winter Video Course: The 3 Lights You Need to Enjoy the Darkness of Winter


Winter Course:

Testimonial for this Course:


I just watched in the dimmed light with a candle. Cool to know we are hibernating with our light and winter energy inside the earth and find our north star in the cosmos. I also like learning to love the dark and find our way in it. I am learning to BE more, to allow what I started to germinate, to take its time, to conspire and collaborate with me, as you said so beautifully [in the video]. –Tracy H., North Carolina

Our focus in this Winter video is inward. Our meditative yet actionable journey together takes you into the fruitful darkness of the Earth where you can allow the seeds you planted in the Fall to ripen. (You don’t have to have planted your seeds consciously using our Fall video but you can do so at that link.)

This short course shows you how to allow yourself to be supported by the natural energies of the Winter season–in just 15 minutes you can enjoy and learn from over and over.

Learning to allow is an active process like any other–it’s just subtle. In our “doing” culture, it takes practice.

The course also helps you work with The 3 Lights within you to enjoy the darkness of Winter:

    • core

    • courage

    • cosmos.

The course will strengthen your connection with each one, using a guided meditation giving you the experience of your connection.

Please experience the deep support available to you during Winter–if you will allow it!

How to Gain Access to the Course

The Winter Course costs $15. To gain access:

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