How to Work with A Council of Selves Info and Access Page

How to Work with A Council of Selves:

Course Info and Access Page

About the Course

The Council of Selves is a practice I invented to calm the chaos inside myself and handle difficult questions without internal conflict.
This practice is foundational to RAISING CLARITY within yourself.
It makes self-honesty easy. It helps you love yourself. It’s also surprising. (If you aren’t surprised by what you find out about yourself from doing this practice, you aren’t doing this practice!)

How to Gain Access to the Course

The Council of Selves course costs $25. To gain access:
Open the password-protected Course page. (It will open in a new window automatically.)
Make your payment  using one of the buttons below.
After you submit payment, you will see the password appear right here with a thank-you message acknowledging receipt of your payment.
Copy and paste the password into the Course page.
Then copy the password into an email to yourself so you have it handy.
Email me if you have any questions or lose the password: [email protected]