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Practical, not too long, and soul-filled. (JG, Florida)

Information and Access Page for the Video Course:

This half-hour course teaches you you three fundamental practices that will change your relationship with time if you do them regularly.
And if you take this video course, you will have time to do them regularly!
Your relationship with time will change right before your eyes, and you will have the time you’ve hungered for.
This thoughtfully edited recording of a live class includes student Q&A where it is most relevant to you, the participant in this virtual class.

Watch highlights of the first practice below!

How to Gain Access to the Course

My unique “Three Practices to Transform Your Relationship with Time” offered as a video course you can take anytime and keep using forever costs $30. To gain access:

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Please email me if you have any questions or problems accessing the course: [email protected]