Everyone Has Positive Money Traits

Everyone Has Positive Money Traits


Everyone has positive money traits! Image by mahmud.rassel accessed via Creative Commons Search.

Everyone Has Positive Money Traits

Moneycoaching with a new soul-colleague, we gave the Money Types Quiz which measures how strong your healthy money “types” are–the

as well as measuring how strong your unhealthy types are–the Innocent, Victim, Martyr, Tyrant and Fool. 

My soul-colleague checked off NO positive money words from the Quiz list!

That means they saw nothing positive in themselves regarding money.

Yet I could name some of their very own wonderful traits!

And I did–convincingly.

What happened?

I think what happened was that our soul-colleague’s Tyrant  type was the one taking the test.

I felt very useful to our soul-colleague as a coach. And I wanted to share this insight with you.

Even in a life full of struggle around money you have developed amazing, helpful money traits.

Examples of Positive Money Traits You Have

Let me point some out to you from the archetypes test that may surprise you by being positive traits we can use to begin healing your relationship with money:

  • generous
  • trusting
  • resourceful
  • guided by faith
  • conscious
  • collaborative
  • disciplined
  • loyal
  • creative
  • visionary
  • compassionate
  • honest
  • curious
  • eager for healing.

Getting Started Healing Your Money Patterns

Any of these will work as a starting point for healing your internal money patterns.

And I bet you identify with more than just one already.

So please do go for it, heal your relationship with money on your own or with me and please know yourself blessed.

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