The Creator/Artist and Money, Part I

The Creator/Artist and Money, Part I


Rembrandt’s “Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple.” This image is in the public domain; accessed on Wikimedia Commons via Creative Commons Search.

At my Fundraisers’ Lunch Group this past week, we talked about emotional blocks to raising money. That inspired our eight-part series exploring seven ways we can be blocked to money + an eighth that is not blocked at all. Our series is made possible by training with the Money Coaching Institute, whose founder Deborah L. Price certified me as a money coach with individuals and organizations. I’ve integrated my understanding of Deborah’s work into my own work helping people clear emotional blocks to raising, having, and using money wisely.  The Institute is in no way responsible for anything in this series, in other words! This is Part I in the series and it’s about a fascinating money archetype called the Creator/Artist. For more information on money coaching, contact me.

What we do with money is…not always rational. That’s the least we can say if we’re honest! The first emotional block I want to describe in this series comes from our minds–our beliefs, understandings, and thoughts.

Our minds are the seat of reasoning.  Right?

Well, yes: our minds are the seat of reasoning but many of us have weird reasoning when it comes to money:

  • money is dirty
  • money is evil
  • money is oppressive
  • money is not worth thinking about
  • money is too hard to understand
  • etc.

Add your favorite weird ideas about money in the comments to this post!

These beliefs block other views of money that may serve us better.  These hurtful beliefs literally oppose constructive beliefs.  And these beliefs are most common to the money archetype of the Creator/Artist.

The Creator/Artist is split about money: is it good and fruitful? or the root of all evil and to be shunned?  The Creator/Artist is guided and moved by spiritual impulses.  But these spiritual impulses need to embrace, not reject money–or money will always be outside our spiritual universe.  And that’s absurd. Money is not outside the universe of any spiritual teacher I have studied.

If we allow our Creator/Artist to “run our show” with money, we get

  • deep ambivalence about money
  • unclear “asks”
  • dishonesty with ourselves and others about money
  • lack of the money we need to do what we are on Earth to do.

All my clients have a strong Creator/Artist, whether they are changemakers, solopreneurs, healers, or some of all three.  I love this in them. I honor the Creator/Artist and work directly with it as an ally in healing my individual coaching clients’ relationships with money–increasingly in my consulting, too, with my nonprofit clients.

That’s partly because I, too, have a strong Creator/Artist archetype.  I am a strongly spiritual person with a lot of integrity. And I am really good at raising money. So it can be done! Healing can happen. Integration can happen of the spiritual with the material.

Notice that integrity and integration have the same root. The root word means “wholeness.”

We can have integrity with money if we have

  1. clarity about money as a tool: when to use money, and when another tool is being called for
  2. clarity about money as a resource: being able to ask for money directly, without embarrassment
  3. clarity about money as an energy: respecting that money wants to move.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with me! Let’s move on to Part II, the Tyrant.


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