Applications Now Open: RAISING CLARITY’s Private Yearlong Coaching Group

Applications Now Open: RAISING CLARITY’s Private Yearlong Coaching Group

Join my Private Yearlong Coaching Group!


I offer a private, yearlong coaching group. It runs each year from September to August.

The Group only opens to new applicants once a year.


Now is the time to apply.

Applications to join my Private Yearlong Coaching Group

are open now

through Sunday night, August 18th, at midnight Eastern US time.


Group size is limited to 8 people so you know you are getting personal attention during our monthly sessions.

I may offer more than one Group to allow people from timezones outside the US as well as across the US to join.


The application form is at the bottom of this page.


Want more information?

Read on.


Group Purpose: Your Worthy Goal


The purpose of this Group is to help you achieve a goal that’s near and dear to your heart. A precious goal. One you may never before have even tried to meet, although you’ve wanted to.

That kind of goal.

That kind of goal changes you as you reach it.

I call this a worthy goal.


A worthy goal changes you in ways you want (and feel you need) to change.


I watch people achieve their worthy goals over and over with my support. This is what happens in my Private Yearlong Coaching Group. You can do it. It simply takes focus over time.


Focus is hard for some people, but there’s nothing intrinsically hard about focus if you have the right support.


This Group is the right support.


You can achieve your goal if you focus on it and are willing to make the changes you need to make within you to achieve it.


For example, you might want more money for something important to you. (Read on for Another Example if this doesn’t apply to you. Everyone’s goal is different!)


Wanting more money is an external goal. That’s fine! You can achieve that in this Group.


But the goal of simply wanting more money is not complete. It’s not a worthy goal–yet.


What you might not realize is that you’d already have your goal except for some changes within yourself you need to make to achieve it.


Achieving our goal doesn’t just depend on the outside world–it depends on us.


A worthy goal (as I call it for the purposes of this Group) includes the internal changes you need to make within yourself to achieve your goal.


In the case of wanting more money, your internal goal might include learning to get out of your own way when it comes to money. This plus wanting more money  = a complete, worthy goal for the purposes of this Group.


Changing what’s going on inside ourselves = internal goal:

our behaviors, patterns, thoughts, decisions, and actions.

Our circumstances change when we do this.


Your circumstances + your work within yourself and toward your external goal + your willingness to focus (see below about Willingness)

= achieving your external goal.


Another example

Here’s an example of a quite different kind of goal: you want more time to spend on what the world finds unimportant but you find essential—like wandering and musing; or hanging out with the people you love; or your own creativity; or spirituality.


You’ve been letting others’ goals get in the way of your goal. Your goal is to manifest time for what matters most to you. You already know what you want to do with this time. But you never seem to find it.


That is your worthy goal.


And I know just how to help you achieve it.


A worthy goal is not one we meet instantly. A worthy goal changes you. The soccer goal below is not very interesting. The journey goal is very interesting and will change you.



If you’re ready to apply, scroll down to the bottom of this page and respond to the questions you’ll find there.





I am laser-focused on your goal all year long. I take it as my sacred commitment to make sure you achieve it, including but not limited to this:

    • I write to you about it each week; I comment in your personal Goal journal I create for you and make pointed, specific, actionable suggestions about how to achieve it at every stage.

    • I coach you about it every month in our monthly Group sessions which are held via Zoom at a time that works for everyone in the Group. The time is set once everyone has applied and been accepted; we come to consensus about a time that works for us all.

    • I support you emotionally through your changes. This is a major part of what I do for you and how I work with you, because emotions are core to the internal changes you’re making.

    • I take an interest in your physical wellbeing and support that as well.

    • I help you with research and connections supporting your goal.

    • I advise you in funding and financing your goal.

    • I receive intuitive insights and share these with you. I may create guided meditations, exercise, and practices just for you.

    • I offer you discounted 1:1 coaching with me to address issues arising that you don’t want to talk about in Group sessions.

    • You will find I even text you about your goal sometimes!


So, I ask that you likewise hold focus on your goal all year long, realizing that…

at first, you might not know how.


This is part of what you receive in this Group: I model and teach you how to hold focus.

How to create disciplines you love.

How to get things done, even if you’ve had a hard time in the past.

How to allocate and sculpt your time and money budgets.

How to heal your relationship with money and time.


These are areas in which I excel; for references and examples, please contact me. (They’re all over my website but they’re a lot and I can help you zero in on just what you need if you ask me. I keep a zero inbox and answer all my own email. I will respond to you personally.)


Your goal is not the only thing you receive in this Group.

You receive me.


My smarts, honesty, and compassionate directness. My amazing intuition. My clear vision about who you are—the grandness of who you are.


My deep experience of decades coaching and living a useful, spiritual, passionate life. My wisdom and humor.


I hold space like no one you have ever met. I will stand by you and keep standing by you. You receive my consistency and persistence. I am stubborn on behalf of your success.


I will remind and pester you and I will also nourish, tease, tickle, and gift you.


Here’s my YouTube channel. Pick any video.


I’m an original. If you feel drawn to work with me, it’s a good idea to let me know it now.

And please know: this Group is open to people from every timezone!

In fact, there’s a space to tell me your timezone in the Application to join the Group at the bottom of this page.


Your Commitments


Here are the commitments I ask of you in order to join us:


    • Discerning and describing your worthy goal in the Application below and if needed, refining it in email conversation with me or in a free meeting with me, or both.

    • Being willing to learn from and with me throughout the year how to hold focus on your worthy goal all year long, and focusing on it throughout the year.

    • Posting regular updates about your progress, triumphs, and struggles in your personal Goal journal I create for you so I can respond with coaching you in writing in your journal.

    • Coming to Coaching Group meetings as often as you can. Meetings are recorded and posted to a private YouTube playlist for members only in case you miss a session or if you want a replay, as many often do.

    • Payment, either monthly or all at once, before our first meeting…



The price for my supporting you richly in all the ways described above–every week of the year from September 2024 to August 2025–is a minimum of $100 per month and a maximum of $200 per month. You propose what you want to pay in the Application below.


If you pay for the year upfront, you receive one month free as a thank-you for making my life simpler.


You are welcome to pay monthly. This makes it possible for many more folks to join us, and I am thrilled. I just won’t remind you to pay each month; you have to do that part.


We meet by Zoom once a month and each week, you’ll be guided, goaded, guarded, and prompted by me personally to work on your goal and describe what you’ve accomplished in your private Group journal so I can read it, contemplate you and your progress, then coach you on very very effectively in writing, right there in your journal.


This also builds your discipline and your ability to accomplish what you dream for yourself.


Most folks want this ability yet many fear what it will ask of them.


My experience is it doesn’t ask anything you don’t already want and have!


All you do is work with me, learn the simple, kind, practical ways I design for you to get your goal done, and while you’re learning, internalize how I coach you.


As you internalize how I coach you, you will learn yourself and what you need to get what you want in your life.


Ultimately, you won’t need me anymore.


Although you might enjoy continuing to work with me, you’ll keep what I teach you forever.


All this is what I offer you in this Group.


Email me at [email protected] if you have questions, or just apply now using the Application below.


Remember the deadline to apply is midnight, Eastern time, on Sunday, August 18.



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