The Victim and Money, Part IV

The Victim and Money, Part IV


The relationship between the victim and money is healed by Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth. Public domain image by Raja Ravi Varma, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.

The Victim and Money

In Part III in this series, we got up close to the money archetype called the Innocent and its “root” of fear of money. Part IV is the midpoint in our eight-part series, and looks at crusty old fears about money that have hardened into a Victim story.  If you are still reading this post, let me tell you: you’re in for a treat. Once you heal these fear patterns, they have no power over your money life.

There’s terror–and then there’s old terror telling you the same story over and over.  That’s the Victim.  You find the story so convincing (about why you never have enough, why others always do, and why everyone else has the power or the money) that you are, in a word, seduced.  It gets a lot of your creative energy. You participate in it.

The Victim can be found in our most vulnerable place–our reproductive area.  Our genitals.  These are supposed to be used to create life, and they do.

Wherever we direct the life-force in us is what grows. This is a problem if we direct our life-force to our victimhood.

If we are convinced we don’t have any money or power, we are, for all practical purposes, correct. It’s not about how much we have as how strategically we use it.  The way out of a victim story is to stop telling the story.  Redirect reproduction to what we actually want more of: abundance. Start now. You can read Money Magic by Deborah L. Price, or coach with me.

*The money archetypes discussed in this series are the work of Deborah L. Price, founder of the Moneycoaching Institute who certified me to work as a moneycoach with individuals and organizations.


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