The Fool and Money, Part VI

The Fool and Money, Part VI


The Fool. An original card from the Tarot deck of Jean Dodal of Lyon, a classic Tarot of Marseilles deck which dates from 1701-1715. Image accessed via Wikimedia Commons.

The Fool is the unusual sheep in the family story explored in this eight-part series on blocks to money using the money archetypes.*
If we see the Innocent archetype as an inner child, the Victim as an inner teenager who has developed what I called a “crusty old story” about never having enough, these often mature into either a Tyrant or a deeply angry but long-suffering Martyr. On the other hand, they sometimes “mature” into…a Fool! The Fool’s way of dealing with money as an adult is not to care.
This attitude–that money is just not important, and can and should be wasted– is similar to the Creator/Artist’s inner split over money (hating and it and needing it) but lacks that archetype’s spiritual impulse and focus.
The Fool is not about focus. The Fool is about living on the edge. The Fool is about risk. Money is inherently risky business, whether we are buying, selling, raising, spending, or investing. It’s important to acknowledge the truth of the Fool: “it’s only money.” But to heal from having an overly strong Fool archetype, start in the heart. The first task of the Fool is to admit there is something worth focusing on. Healing can begin from there.

*The money archetypes are the work of Deborah L. Price, who certified me to do moneycoaching using them with individuals and organizations. For more information, contact me!


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