Our coaching has proven effective with:

    • money issues

    • time issues

    • abundance blockages

    • work-life balance

    • personal-professional growth.

We don’t sugarcoat or idealize anything. In fact, we make use of your actual, current personal and professional challenges. 

Working with us, you learn to

    • experience wealth and health as you define them

    • claim yourself and your awesome powers;

    • collaborate with the Universe.

Most people start by looking for what’s wrong “out there.”

But each of us contributes to our circumstances.

RAISING CLARITY starts within. We teach you our tools and help you find the time to practice them for lasting change. And then you’re done. It’s not forever. It’s just long enough.

You may want to learn more about us before contacting us. Investigate our blog or our testimonials.

How to Begin

Before we ever meet (by phone or videoconference), we want to know why you want to work with us:

    • What’s new in your life that you want to respond to more skillfully?
    • What changes do you want to make in your life or work, or both?
    • Why us? Why do you want to work with RAISING CLARITY in particular?

The answers you give will help us assess if we feel we’re a fit for you. If we do, we’ll offer you a free scope of work session. In that session, we’ll discuss how we can help, and how much we think it will cost.

Get started by telling us about why you want to work with us right here.

Coaching with Organizational Leaders

There is a special kind of coaching we do with nonprofit leaders who want to see and seed organizational change.

Their ripples of change begin within the privacy of our coaching relationship, then move outward to others within the organization. Here are two testimonials.

Where to begin…? Beth glided into my life with perfect timing. Standing before me, just as requested, was a kindred spirit who spoke my language and helped me to “get out of my own way” so that the leader within could move about freely. Once coaching began, dreamtime with Beth provided focus on specific issues and subsequent clarity almost in an instant. The sentient ripples of our work together produced transparency to professional situations that pre-Beth I felt were hopeless. With her grace, wisdom, and intuitive guidance she assisted in a reintroduction to my core and stood with me until I was comfortable—there is no end result; there is only continuous result of which I remain, professionally and personally, eternally grateful.


Vicki Barnard, Martinsburg, West Virginia
THANK YOU for EVERYTHING. I have enjoyed working with you and learning from you over the past few months. Your guidance and the space you hold for me to articulate and process</a> where I’m at and what I’m looking ahead towards–it’s really helping me. Thank you.


Justine Lee, Executive Director, Living Room Conversations