Sharing With You: My First Book, Structure Magic!

Sharing With You: My First Book, Structure Magic!

The Structure Magic book's front page: a dark charcoal border around a background pattern of light gray triangular lattice on white. Text reads: Structure Magic, an epigram: "the grasp of reality through images," attributed to Frances A. Yates's book The Art of Memory, page xiv, with at the bottom, my name attributed as author of the book: by Beth G. Raps, Ph.D.

I’m sharing with you my first book Structure Magic and its unique tools honed from the ancient arts of memory that allow you to remember the future you desire to create. Image: book front page, created by me using a patterned background by Vishal Vasnani on Unsplash.

Structure Magic

Structure is our magic wand. Let me show you how to use it in my first-ever published book, Structure Magic. This book reveals the magic your mind is capable of and teaches you how to use it to bring into your life what you’re seeking (ethically, of course).

Structure Magic Guides You

Structure Magic is a guide to manifestation through mental structuring using a set of simple, unusual tools you can’t find anywhere else.

You won’t find them elsewhere because these tools don’t exist elsewhere. I created and honed the tools in this book for my own use over many years based on ancient principles. These principles are the ancient arts of memory. For thousands of years–before writing was widely available in the West–they helped people remember the past.

Structure Magic, however, teaches you to remember the future.

The future you want to experience.


Structure Magic Teaches You to Remember the Future

Remembering the future is not as strange as it sounds. Most guides to manifestation will teach you to picture the future you want to experience.

What I find missing from these guides is the turbocharge we get when we structure our picture in specific ways—making it much clearer for the Universe to help us bring into being + easier for us to remember. With ethics structured in.

Structure is a Universal shorthand that turbocharges our intention.

Once you structure your mind to a concerted purpose, you manifest your purpose much more easily.

From the Founder of RAISING CLARITY

I began writing this book five years ago. At that time, I couldn’t see how to connect it to the core of RAISING CLARITY.  But now, at RAISING CLARITY, I use, write about, and teach structure magic every day.

It’s clearly time for me to share this book! (For more about the magic behind this new book, click here.)

Here is where to access the book.

Note the book is available only on the RAISING CLARITY website and is self-published by RAISING CLARITY. Please be ethical with the book, including by paying for each copy you desire to use and share. You are welcome to purchase more than one copy to give to friends and colleagues. Thank you!
    Posted at 13:15h, 12 July Reply

    A beautifully written book full of wisdom and practical ideas around structure. Very useful to an artist like me who used to abhor structure! BUY IT NOW!

    • Beth
      Posted at 15:10h, 12 July Reply

      SLART, what a generous comment, thank you! I’m delighted to be useful to an artist like you!

  • william christopher nixon
    Posted at 00:04h, 21 March Reply

    At the end of the month i will get 3 copies

    • Beth
      Posted at 13:13h, 21 March Reply

      Dear william, I am so grateful, thank you!

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