From Fool to Money Magician

From Fool to Money Magician


The Magician, An original card from the tarot deck of Jean Dodal of Lyon, a classic “Marseilles” deck which dates from 1701-1715. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

From Fool to Money Magician

I started out life as a Fool with money. But I am well on my way to being a Money Magician, and have not sacrificed anything. (I can still readily be a Fool on certain days! And that is ok because it doesn’t run my life anymore.)

As a person who’s healed into Magicianship, I created my Healing Power of Moving Money workshops to help put people into their Money Magician selves by building the workshop on the assumption that everyone can observe their own behavior with regard to money. (The workshop helps people observe themselves with money in creative ways.)

In my experience, detachment is key to change and healing.

And everyone is capable of the detachment needed to observe our own behaviors, thoughts, actions, and relationships with money. This post helps you move into your own Money Magician self. The Magician is the highest, strongest, most helpful, and creative of the eight money archetypes I am trained to use as a certified money coach. To explore how I can help you, click that link or simply book an exploratory meeting with me. It’s free, and free of obligation to either of us, but will prove very useful to you, I guarantee.

Why Detachment is Important

Detachment is profound ground for healing scarcity-minded or weak or silly or unhappy or unhealthy money behaviors. (Detachment may be the only Magician quality a person can manifest when we first start out healing our relationship with money—but it’s a great start. 

Detachment fosters self-trust and allows us to construct a self-education and self-development plan with money, and follow it through.

How to Change Our Dominant Money Archetype

Everyone has some of each money archetype. There are always internal abilities we have to build on that will strengthen the three healthy money archetypes of Magician, Warrior and Creator/Artist.

What you focus on, you get more of.

My approach: it’s not at all useful to attempt to do away with or weaken or even worry about our already weak or unhealthy money archetypes. Where to focus is on strengthening our helpful, healthy ones.

We all already have some of the positive qualities of each of the three healthy money archetypes (Magician, Warrior, Creator/Artist). Below, I outline the approach you would begin taking using the Money Magician archetype.

Becoming a Money Magician


To become a Money Magician, we begin by knowing the qualities that make a Magician:

  • Trusting
  • Loving
  • Detached
  • Financially balanced
  • Transforms reality
  • Spiritual
  • Confidently
  • Conscious
  • Wise
  • Optimistic
  • Tells the truth
  • Vibrant
  • Powerful
  • Generous
  • Open to flow
  • Successful.*

2. Focus and Intention

We remember our intention: become a Money Magician. This is open and possible for everyone. Moneycoaching works by assuming everyone has pernicious patterns around money, and everyone can heal them. That’s what coaching is for.

Our intention in this example is to become a Money Magician. Using the simple rule that whatever our minds focus on is what dominates our minds, we intend to focus on magicianship, and Money Magician qualities.

3. Choosing qualities we already embody

Along with the belief that everyone already has positive money qualities, I hold the belief that we all already have Money Magician qualities. From the list above, and using detachment and discernment toward yourself, review the list above and find one or two (or more) of the qualities listed that you already have.

Notice and appreciate these qualities. Not just once. Every day. Just think about them, appreciatively. We are so used to self-critique that this may be hard: notice and appreciate these qualities in yourself. It is ok to ritualize this, to do it at a certain time or times of day. This helps make sure you do it. And then you can do it at other times too. Soon these qualities will begin to permeate your life, and especially (since you want to become a Money Magician), your money life, that is, your relationship with, thoughts and actions around, money.

4. Adopting new qualities

Just like we all have some positive money qualities, no one has all the qualities of any archetype! So there’s no worry about or need to cultivate every single quality on the Magician list above.

But it is entirely within your realm to determine qualities on the list you would like to have, and begin consciously adopting them. (That’s why knowing them in the first place is so important.)

And you are on your way to becoming a Money Magician! To read full descriptions of each type, click here or buy Money Magic, new or used. (If you buy it used, make sure to get one in good enough shape that it does not have any writing inside, as you will want to use it as a workbook. The description of a used book typically includes this information when you search for a used copy of a book.)

*Money Magician descriptors courtesy of the Money Coaching Institute.

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  • Ian
    Posted at 16:50h, 20 April Reply

    Detachment, is very useful. KEY I use it. But two prerequisites are useful (Necessary) for effective detachment, I feel.

    One is a confidence that it makes good business sense; and a feeling of “the knowledge,” that you have a “backstop,” … if you calculated wrong. So, you can re-coup without crushing all your resources. (Absolute Fear has been removed)

    I made and lost lots of money, but I was confident that the risks were thought through and I could draw from somewhere if needed to reset my game.

    At 1st it was a real source of funds, then it became the knowledge I had enough magic to flip very little into anything.

    ONCE, I lost my magic, when I was crushed beyond anything imaginable. Had no backup and froze.

    It takes awhile to get back on that horse after some falls. But I’m back and have found my magic one again.

    • Beth
      Posted at 17:08h, 20 April Reply

      This is very interesting, Ian. I am very interested in this “magic,” it does seem like an actual ingredient to me sometimes. Part of me feels we should strive even to be detached from confidence and that “knowledge” you refer to. Another part of me is very very glad you testify as someone who has (unlike me) made a lot and lost a lot and done that several times that it DOES make good business sense to be detached and not have absolute fear.

  • Laurie Harrington
    Posted at 11:44h, 20 April Reply

    This is very interesting, especially the characteristic or virtue, I would say, of detachment you mention as being needed to manage money well. As you know, I have a Catholic background and education. One of the curious things I always noticed when we read the lives and works of the great mystics was that they were often brilliant money managers. It did strike me that this was probably true because they felt removed from it and could be entirely objective in ways most of us can’t.

    • Beth
      Posted at 15:39h, 20 April Reply

      Wow, Laurie. That is TOTALLY fascinating. I had no idea. I bet you are right!

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