The Magician and Money, Part VIII

The Magician and Money, Part VIII


The Magician. An original card from the Tarot deck of Jean Dodal of Lyon, a classic Tarot of Marseilles deck which dates from 1701-1715. Image accessed via Wikimedia Commons.

The money Magician is the culmination of the archetypes we have talked about in this series, and one of the three healthiest along with the Creator/Artist and the Warrior.

As the founder of moneycoaching and creator of the archetypes Deborah L.Price puts it,*

The Magician is the ideal money type. Using a new and ever-changing set of dynamics both in the material world and in the world of Spirit, Magicians know how to transform and manifest their own financial reality.  At our best, when we are willing to claim our own power, we are all Magicians.

I have found that there are as many different ways of being a money Magician as there are people. Deborah’s writing about the Magician emphasizes the importance of owning and transforming our personal mythos about money.  I love this image of the Magician–who has so many tools.

I have known money Magicians.  Some I suspect were just “born that way.”  The rest of us get there!  Magicians are fearless about money–and loving and even fun-loving when they work with it.

They are direct and honest about asks, accounting, and accountability.  And they are creative.  “Transforms reality” is the hallmark quality of the Magician.  They are willing to take an intelligent risk without a lot of attachment to “scoring.”

Magicians thrive on honesty about money. Wow! What a great ally to have–or to be. The Magician loves and respects money like any other energy–and knows when to let it go, investing resources wisely to draw in more. The Magician is my favorite archetype and the one I most wish for us all to embody.  Thanks for reading this series!


*This quotation is from the descriptions of the money archetypes used by the Moneycoaching Institute and in Deborah L. Price’s book, Money Magic. I am certified by the Institute to coach individuals and organizations in healing their relationship with money.


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