The Tyrant and Money, Part II

The Tyrant and Money, Part II


John William Waterhouse, “The Remorse of the Emperor Nero after the Murder of His Mother.” Image in the public domain, accessed on Wikimedia Commons.

The Tyrant embodies a very different emotional block to money from yesterday’s Creator/Artist in this eight-part series.  The Tyrant uses money to control.  Control what?  You name it, if it can be controlled by using money, the Tyrant will try to control it at all costs–and the cost is always too high.  It’s no wonder the Tyrant is lonely! A Tyrant’s emotional block to money is needing all the control, which keeps others AWAY unless they are willing to be controlled, like some of the other archetypes in this series.

Like you, I hate the Tyrant.  And also probably like you, if we are both honest, I have seen the Tyrant inside myself.  I have hated myself when I lost money, a job, or paid more than I felt I owed.  Anger and (self-)hatred are the Tyrant’s default. Anger is so much easier to feel than sadness.

I sense this closed fist of control most strongly in my throat.  My throat is the place I constrict and the place I release control–through eating as well as through speaking.

The buck stops here.  What a great, revealing expression! I am responsible; I won’t pass the buck to someone else.

I am responsible = I am response-able.  Our ability to respond is in our throats. Energy wants to move, including through our throats.

In Part I, I listed three clarities about money that for me signify true integrity with money. One was respecting money as an energy, which means respecting that money wants to move.  This is not the Tyrant’s take on money!

The Tyrant wants to receive. But to receive, we must give–in balance. The Tyrant is as out of balance as the Innocent, who is terrified of money–and whom we explore next.


*Credit for creating and developing the money archetypes belongs to Deborah L. Price, founder of the blessed discipline of moneycoaching, and the Moneycoaching Institute.  I’m certified by Deborah as a money coach with individuals and organizations. For information on coaching, contact me.






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