God Talks to Us Through Money

God Talks to Us Through Money

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God talks to us through money. Here is how to start keeping up YOUR end of the conversation. Photo by Mikelya Fournier on Unsplash.

God Talks to Us Through Money

I was in a meeting recently with someone who told me that in 40 years of theological training he had never heard anything to substantiate my claim that God talks to us through money.

I found this disturbing and began working on this blog post.

God Talks to Us Through Everything…

Before I dive in, let me say that I know God is always talking to us. I know God talks to us through everything. Any pathway we open, God will take.I have my favorites, and I hope you have yours. (For examples, I love this song by Suzanne Vega naming pathways humans have used throughout history to hear God talking.)

…Why Not Money?

If you know God is always taking every pathway available, why wouldn’t God talk to you through money? I mean, why would money be so weird or so special or so outside God?

Have We Made Money More Powerful Than God?

The only answer I can imagine is that we have removed money from God’s realm. Where did we put it?

Have we equated money with the Devil in some tired duality where money and God are duking it out?

I don’t hold these beliefs, so I find them funny. But for someone who honestly believes money is not in God’s realm, this must be painful. I apologize if I’ve hurt your feelings. I hope you keep reading. (And let’s face it, a lot more of us hold this belief than are willing to admit it.)

Reminder: We Invented Money

Money is all around us. Money is an intimate part of our lives. But here’s the thing: we don’t like climate change, but we don’t make it the Devil. We realize who created it.

Let’s realize who created money. Then let’s realize who created money evil.

Why would we do that?
Maybe to avoid dealing honestly with money?

In my experience, God talks to us intimately through money. I will tell you  how God does this in the next section.

But let’s forget about God’s end of it for the moment. I promised to help you keep up your end of the conversation.

Making money the bad guy is the for sure the best way to avoid what God is telling you through money. It works beautifully, except that you can’t hear God, and God just keeps on talking, and you keep on missing all those juicy lessons.

This is what I call the Divine Curriculum. Are you taking it? or auditing? Or are you skipping class?

The Divine Curriculum will use whatever’s at hand to teach us. Money is everywhere. So mastering your money flow has been part of what I teach in the Claim Your Calling course and the coaching I do.

I now teach a course on mastering money flow RAISING CLARITY style. Sign up at the bottom of this page to be invited to join the course.

In a nutshell, here is how to master your money flow and adopt money as a language the Divine Curriculum can teach you through:

    1. Learn to interpret the Divine Curriculum’s money messages to you,
    2. Become financially fierce by “owning” your income and your expenses–by which I mean taking consciousness and responsibility for the money that flows to and from you
    3. Make peace with the voices inside your head around money.

These are the RAISING CLARITY money superpowers. They are so vital to RAISING your own CLARITY that I created a course around them.

Sign up using the form at the bottom of this page to be sent the link to this recorded course.

Where to Look for Money Messages from the Divine Curriculum

    • Patterns
    • Synchronicities
    • Accidents (good or bad)
    • Karma (what you came into this lifetime with)
    • Ancestral legacies.

These are where I look when I know I missed the memo about something & I need to figure out what it is.

What Avoidance Looks Like–

How can I tell there was a memo I missed if I missed it? Let me count the ways:

    • make the same mistakes over and over.
    • hear myself saying the same thing over and over to different people.
    • find myself having the same conversations, usually defensive, over and over.
    • feel like I am living Groundhog Day but not getting out of it what Bill Murray gets out of it.
    • am tired of life. (This should be an unusual feeling, not the norm.)
    • kvetch.
    • complain about other people. (Mirror, mirror.)
    • dissemble. OK, I lie.
    • pray for the wrong things.
    • self-aggrandize.
    • hate myself.

–And About Money in Particular

    • overspend.
    • hoard.
    • wake up in a cold sweat about money.
    • castigate myself about the way I am running my business.
    • actually worry that I should have taken that work “for the money,” even though I knew it was wrong for me. (I no longer do this but when I’m missing the money memo God is sending me, I can second-guess myself. Normally, I never look back when I turn down work.)

Learn to Tune In

Here are three ways to do this with me, in order from free to most expensive:

    1. My free blog posts on money and abundance. (This post seems especially relevant to the one you’re reading.)
    2. RAISING CLARITY’s “Master Your Money Flow” course. (Sign up at the bottom of this page to be sent a link to the course recording.)
    3. Moneycoaching with me one-on-one.


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