Money is No Obstacle to the Spiritual World

Money is No Obstacle to the Spiritual World

A cross of wire set into a wooden post

Money is no obstacle to the spiritual world. An obstacle is something that’s really there. Is this cross of wire set into wood an obstacle? To what? Image by LadyDragonflyCC – >;< from Flikr.

Money is No Obstacle to the Spiritual World

The title of this post is a pun:

  1. Money is no obstacle in the spiritual world. If you’ve been following along by doing our first thought-experiment, and then our second, you’ll know this right away:

    The strength of the spiritual world is literally foundational to any other world, including the world in which money exists.

  2. Money is no obstacle to living in the spiritual world. And to say or think otherwise I believe is to give money much more importance than it actually has.

Why Do We Act as Though Money is an Obstacle?

I honestly have no certain answer to this question. Do you have thoughts? Share them in a comment.

Here are my surmises:

  • We’ve been terrorized by money.
  • We’re listening to the Tyrant inside (who grew up with Tyrants outside, our culture of course is full of them, and our families therefore).
  • We think the Tyrant trumps (pun fully intended) every other wisdom. (Note that the Trump–I mean, the Tyrant–does possess some wisdom. It’s just a low-level wisdom we do well to be aware of–not follow. The Magician is the one to follow.)
  • We lack imagination.
  • We lack spiritual understanding. (Try out those thought-experiments in our first post on this topic and our second to help you gain perspective.)

Money is an Opening to the Spiritual World

Just as the title is a pun, so this sub-title is a pun:

  1. Money is as much an opening to the spiritual world as anything else. Try the first thought-experiment, and the second, and honestly, you will see.

    Our path here at RAISING CLARITY is helping you not make money an obstacle to your spiritual realization. In fact, money can be a powerful spiritual teacher–and a kick in the spiritual butt!

  2. When spirit is trying to reach us–and it always is!–it may use money to reach you. (Everything is an opening to the spiritual world. It’s sneaky that way.)
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  • Darryl Burks
    Posted at 02:34h, 26 October Reply

    I think you are exactly right. Our entire system is run by those who are ruled by their inner tyrant. So naturally they have created a system that mirrors that, especially in the West where everything is based in materialism. I think they purposefully try to keep people from seeing beyond the physical because doing so will indeed set them free from the system. Anyone can do it but it takes courage. I had a friend who was a billionaire once. He told me there is never a lack of money, only a lack of ideas. And those ideas of course often come from spirit, especially those AHA type ideas that change our lives.

    • Beth
      Posted at 12:44h, 26 October Reply

      Wow! That wisdom from your billionaire feels so affirming.

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