Meet A Spiritual Teacher: Money

Meet A Spiritual Teacher: Money

leather bag in museum exhibit opened to allow cacao beans and old square silver coins to emerge

Meet a spiritual teacher: money, seen here in two of its preferred forms, chocolate (cacao beans) and silver. Image of “cacao-moneda,” by Tamorlan.

Meet A Spiritual Teacher: Money

In this recent post, we “came out” about

what we do here at RAISING CLARITY: help you not make money an obstacle to your spiritual realization. In fact, money can be a powerful spiritual teacher–and a kick in the spiritual butt!

We’re not out to make anyone feel good for hoarding or amassing wealth to no purpose. We’re not out to cheerlead for oppression–our own, or anyone else’s–on economic grounds (or any other, for that matter).

But we are out for people getting the heck out of the way when it come to money arriving that has their name on it. We are out for people asking to receive what they feel their work is worth, plus having a strong, clear idea of what their work is worth, plus learning to advocate and negotiate for themselves.

We want people developing spiritually to integrate money into their lives. Let’s not turn it into some kind of spiritual obstacle. If we do that, we are making money be G-d (instead of letting G-d be G-d).

Money as Teacher

I don’t know about you but for me–especially as a professional fundraiser–money is a kick-ass teacher. The humility it takes me to figure out how to raise money for some of my clients! And likewise, the detached thrill I get when “my” fundraising works. On a good day, I am clear that as a fundraiser,

when I ask money to show up somewhere, I am in cooperation with the Universe. If I am NOT in cooperation with the Universe, that shows up too. Both are super-clear.

Budgeting has been a teacher–for myself and the organizations I serve. Needing to budget has been a teacher, for myself and the individuals I coach.

Saving has been a teacher: saving up for something I want. Splurging on something I don’t need but that brings me genuine joy–usually but not always an experience (often shared) rather than a thing. Inheritance, and spending it down was a huge teacher. “Making money,” which means earning money, which means people paying me to do things I LOVE, has been a huge teacher. (So was getting paid to do things I did not love. Never again!)

I sense I will be writing more about this path in the future.

Questions for Exploring Money as Spiritual Teacher:

  • What have you learned from money spiritually?
  • Was it direct or indirect?
  • What has taught you more than money?

I’m interested!


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