The Healing Power of Moving Money Workshop


The  Healing Power of Moving Money workshop has helped people flow with the energy of money in:

  •  Durham, North Carolina
  • New York City
  • Baltimore
  • Morgantown and Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
  • Berea, Kentucky.

To schedule your workshop, register, and get more information:

  • email [email protected]
  • text or telephone 304-410-2612.
  • Note: If you don’t receive confirmation, you’re not registered!
  • Space is limited to 15 people.

Detailed Workshop Description

(see below for Testimonials)

The Healing Power of Moving Money is a rare opportunity to witness your relationship to money in its fullness–and change it. In three transformative hours, including breaks, you will perceive with clarity how you meet and avoid money and how money has met you. You will understand your associations with money that may have nothing to do with money at all! And you will see how to free yourself to create your relationship with money afresh. You will receive simple, well-structured tools to take home and use in the future to continue growing into your newly healthier healing relationship with money. The tools we use in the workshop are

  • two experiential exercises, very simple and direct encounters with money
  • two carefully guided meditations
  • teaching on the eight money archetypes used by the Money Coaching Institute (which has certified this workshop’s leader in moneycoaching and is NOT connected with this workshop in any other way)
  • embodied exploration of the money archetypes through guided movement
  • personal guided writing exercises to engage the rational mind as an ally in your change process
  • group sharing only at the level comfortable to you for support, information, and ideas you may wish to implement.

The workshop takes you on a very rich journey of three hours that begin and end on time, in a small group setting. If the workshop is not being given near you, why not plan one with us? Contact us here. For blog posts exploring why we created this workshop, click here.


This is a great workshop. Transformative and spiritual, it will give you new insights into what is blocking your prosperity.” AMO, Berkeley Springs

I have a very critical eye in general and I really have nothing but positive things to say about you and your workshop. You are a very skilled, gifted, aware, intuitive, respectful, generous and non-judgmental facilitator and healer. You created a beautiful container of safety and trust in which one could examine one’s relationship with money in depth and learn strategies to shift less effective patterns to abundant flow. At first, though I knew I had to take the workshop, I doubted whether adding another expense to my already maxed out budget made any sense. Let me reassure you, thanks to Beth’s generosity and her sliding scale offer, I definitely felt I gained much more value than I paid. I know with my new found self-awareness and the tools I now have, I will shift my relationship with money from stress and worry to peace and ease. A feeling I never have experienced for very long in my life but so very much want. As I know many of you long for. I highly encourage you to take this workshop!” MM, Baltimore

I found my relationship with money is actually pretty healthy, which i felt, but it was really nice to have that affirmation. The discovery of what I needed to strengthen prompted me to follow thru with an idea that had been percolating, and was actually in a draft email, already prepared to send out to my contact list. So, I sent a new year’s greeting, with thanks for support where thanks was due, and best wishes for 2015 to all. I didn’t ask them to book me, but within 20 minutes of sending the emails, had a request for a job in March, a call the next morning for another performance, and a response from a woman I’ve been in contact with for about 5 years, who booked two shows. My calendar is looking good, and I’m feeling much more positive about the prospects for work….What you’re doing is truly valuable. Thank you! Good work!!” JKR, Berkeley Springs

This workshop was very holy, soulful, inspiring, and supportive. I was struck by the depth and divine alignment that I experienced and most grateful to be held in a container with such clear and sincere intention. It planted new seeds in my awareness of my relationship with money/source/flow ~ with Allah ~ with the light of truth in my heart, and offered tools for me to navigate that relationship with deeper awareness. I also just had fun, which is always nice:) and enjoyed connecting with the local community… in a new environment. Personally, seeing you share from your vulnerability and shine the light of your gifts, felt encouraging to me as I travel my own unique journey in finding the courage to step in to my own work and honoring the gifts my spirit carries. When you asked for boundaries and honored your needs, while embracing your vulnerability was a jewel for me to witness. Thank you. May you receive many blessings for the service you offer in helping others to heal, awaken and live in joy and abundance. Amen.” HJW, Berkeley Springs

Dear Beth, The work you are doing is much appreciated and totally in line with my heart. My response to holding money was a itchy pit in my stomach, the feel of my father, anxiety (he was a depression child). “As long as you have [our family’s business] you’ll be alright,” was a tape loop from him, that I went to great lengths to address and eventually erase. It seems residual energy still exists and I never would have felt that. It was somewhat calmer after our visit to your sacred space. The money quiz was also fun and quite enlightening. Thank you for helping me to reveal these hidden trapped emotional aspects and how money’s pernicious influence in my family may still hold sway. “I found the workshop wonderful. In this blessed lifetime, through service, I have always been able to move with abundance. It does not always translate to money, but I have certainly been truly provided for. So like the Birds and other creatures of the Earth I live each day with an attitude of gratitude. (I hope they do) Thank you for being a part of my dream, you have a wonderful Soul and a beautiful Spirit. I can certainly see why you have been successful at helping so many. Love, light & especially laughter.” MK, Berkeley Springs

“I thought your workshop was very thought provoking.  I don’t know that I’ve ever taken the time to think dimensionally about the subject of money, and it really does permeate so many aspects of life, attitudes, behavior.” PK, Morgantown

“Despite years of familiarity (apparently not often enough) with imagery I’m still in the phase of being amazed and surprised at the healing power of imagery.” BJA, Charles Town

“I just loved the work shop yesterday. Thank you so much.” PW, Great Cacapon


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