Embracing the Fool

Embracing the Fool

Jean_Dodal_Tarot_trump_FoolApril Fool! I couldn’t wait to publish this til tomorrow; it’d be too late.

The whole Healing Power of Moving Money work came out of my embracing my own Fool.

I am certified by the Money Coaching Institute  to help individuals and organizations strengthen three healthy money archetypes:

Notice that none of them is The Fool.

The Fool is not a healthy money archetype.

But embracing the Fool has been part of my healing process, and part of the healing power of letting money move in my life.

The Fool is a fun type til we run out of money. When we run out of money, we may stop being a Fool. While we were Foolish with money, we were also

  • “crazy”
  • risk-taking
  • free. (Or so we thought).

When we start to heal our money wounds and money story, we may become

  • “sane”
  • risk-averse
  • enslaved.

We thought we were becoming wise.

But we were just becoming Tyrants.

It takes time to become a Magician:

  • Can you build the Beloved Community if you are risk-averse?
  • Can you be enslaved to money and serve your highest wisdom?
  • Can you, in other words, be “sane” in a crazed world?

One of the Magician’s attributes is telling the truth. Another is being financially balanced. Another is being open to flow. (These are all courtesy of the creator of  money types).

The sane does not always coexist with the wise.

Have you noticed?

Clarity about money means a deeper, scarier wisdom that for me at least starts from the truth that there is nothing I can do to control money. (This may seem obvious to you. It feels to me like it wants restating from time to time.)

But just as we don’t control money, money doesn’t control us either.

Giving up control by pretending we do not care about money is a Fool’s errand.

Attempting control by pretending money does not care about us is a Tyrant’s!

Money cares about what we care about. Have you noticed? I tell my organizational clients to show me their budgets and I’ll tell them their mission statements.

This is why as individuals and sometimes as organizations we need to change our money story and heal our money wounds. Then our money cares about what we care about.

The Tyrant thrives by starvation, choking off the inflow, thinking that will stop outflow. The Fool thrives by overeating and overspending, turning inflow into outflow as fast as possible. Clue: they both hate money. (Fools have a Tyrant in the closet.)

There is usually an infinity loop over The Magician’s head. The Magician balances inflow and outflow and is a master of the craft of both. In many images, The Magician is touching both Heaven and Earth. When we build Beloved Community, we are bringing them together.

Jean_Dodal_Tarot_trump_01PS: One of the greatest money Magicians I have ever had the privilege to learn from is grassroots fundraising fairy godmother and guru Kim Klein. (A guru is someone who brings you from here to there. Kim is definitely a guru.) Here is some of Kim’s latest wisdom. (Scroll down to the end of this terrific newsletter, and consider subscribing.)


The Fool and  The Magician: Cards from the Tarot deck of Jean Dodal of Lyon, a classic “Marseilles” deck. The deck dates from 1701-1715. Images uploaded by Fuzzypeg to Wikimedia Commons.




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