Promotion with Integrity is Self-Expressed

Promotion with Integrity is Self-Expressed


Promotion with integrity is self-expressed: Self-expression is connected with the throat chakra (energy center) and this exquisite color of this gem, elbaite, a type of tourmaline. Rob Lavinsky’s image uploaded from his site to Wikimedia Commons.

Promotion with Integrity is Self-Expressed


Promotion with integrity is aligned with all our parts. It is

It is also self-expressed, the focus of this post.

Beyond the Obvious: Self-Expression in Promotion

It might sound like the most obvious truth that promoting our work expresses who we are.

But so often it doesn’t!

So often, it expresses a false self we create because we think it will make us seem more attractive. Sometimes we shut down right when it’s time to shout out:

here I am!

How to get the word out about our work more authentically?

Try the Guided Meditation below, and then the Steps.

Audio Guided Meditation

Click here for my 6-minute guided meditation bringing self-expressedness to your promotion of your work.


  1. Be your own best healer, friend and ally. Why might you block your self-expression of your work? Tell the truth to yourself first and foremost about:
    • What’s holding your promotion back? Is it a basic survival fear–like that you will die if you stick your neck out? Get grounded.
    • Is it fear of being thought weird, over-the-top, or crazy? Or are you bored with your promoting? Get juicy. 
    • Do you feel you don’t have the right to promote your work? Find your innate solar power.
    • Why you do your work in the first place? Reconnect with how much you love your work: it helps you love promoting your work.
  2. You’ve figured it out. Breathe a big sigh of relief. Then breathe again. Begin to notice how you breathe when you think about promoting your work and deliberately calm your breathing. Then decide it can be different this time and while breathing calmly, make one promotional promise to yourself and keep it.
  3. Experiment with the idea of speaking publicly about your work. If it helps, write out what you would say. Would someone publish it? (I might! Send it to me.) If you already speak and write publicly about your work, challenge yourself: what new forms of self-expression want to come?

For the whole series, click here.

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