Promotion with Integrity is Grounded

Promotion with Integrity is Grounded


Promotion with integrity is grounded: Red is a color that grounds us and is associated with basic needs–survival. Here’s a red crystal, embedded deep in the Earth like I help you do in the guided meditation accompanying this post, and the text. Wulfenite, upright and grounded in a matrix, in the Red Gem Pocket in Arizona (US). Author: Robert Lavinsky. Source:, uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

Promotion with Integrity is Grounded


Promotion with Integrity is promotion that doesn’t make you want to puke. Many people actually feel like throwing up when they need to promote something.

Promotion is our lifeblood! It’s how other people know to support us.

Let’s look at this for a moment. Promotion (to some folks) feels so scary it could kill you. Like annihilation. I am NOT exaggerating. Just be happy if this isn’t you and read on. But if it is you, you are not alone. What is this about? Promoting anything means BECOMING VISIBLE. Becoming visible is scary if you have been in hiding. Many of us do incredible work but we are these boutique businesses–and the boutiques are sized for dolls or something. The space within which we work is very, very small! This kind of space for our beloved work feels normal, good, and safe to us. And then along comes the need as well as the desire to expand! UH OH!  Blecch! Bring on the _________ (remedy for nausea: Dramamine; or if you are me, the candied ginger or if you are purer than me, the ginger tea.).

This is why we are starting this series FROM THE GROUND UP, literally. The basics, the root of the solution.  Notice the Earth in the picture. Notice the little red crystal. That’s YOU. Take in that light, that juiciness, that COLOR. Notice how exquisite the support matrix is when you look closely at it–it’s crystal, too. It’s safe.

Audio Guided Meditation

Click here for my 10-minute guided meditation bringing groundedness to your promotion of your work.


1. The first thing in being able to promote what is precious to you in a way that feels safe is to feel grounded when you are doing it. How on Earth do you feel grounded? Many readers will already have a way of grounding yourselves; here are some:
    • Sitting with your butt on the Earth is a good one. Notice what an Earthy word “butt” even is.
    • Sitting anywhere and putting your attention on the place your butt connects with where you are sitting.
    • Noticing if the connection feels great–or uncomfortable. You might–especially if you are one of our readers–not always feel like you are even from this planet! Good news: You.Don’t.Have.To.Be.From.Earth.To.Be.Grounded! If you have a human body, it is designed to connect to Earth. So connect already!
    • Lie on the ground, the grass, a huge rock.
    • Wallow in this Earthy, connected, rootsy feeling.
    • See your spine extending its roots into the Earth.
2. The second thing: now try grounding your promotion as well as yourself:

Do exactly what you were doing to get grounded–and think about the thing you want to promote. Obsess about it even–and when you forget to feel grounded, return your attention to grounding. Bring the two together.

You can even put yourself in the Earth. Or bury yourself in sand like at the beach or in the ground like a plant–and “hold” your project within yourself or your leaves. And make a little garden for your project, and put it in the Earth like a seed.

3. The third way to ground your promotion is make a date with yourself to do some promotional planning.

During your appointment with yourself, write a very simple promotional plan. For example, three steps. What makes it a plan is when you give each step its own appointment date and time. Yes, I’m serious; this is what means your plan will turn to action. Please make simple plans. Don’t be influenced excessively by others’ promotion. It doesn’t matter what others are capable of, or do! It matters what you do and that you do some promotion. For you to do some, it has to feel possible–and good. Truly good. If you want some wonderful, doable, ideas, click here. If you want my help, click here

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first post in this series!

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