Promotion with Integrity is Juicy

Promotion with Integrity is Juicy


Promotion with integrity is juicy like these juicy orange quartz crystals on barytine. Image by and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Géry Parent, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

Promotion with Integrity is Juicy


Promotion with Integrity is promotion that feels good. It feels juicy: lovely, yummy, creative, fun. If that’s hard to imagine, start with our “Grounded Promotion” post. Once you’re grounded…it’s time to generate some enthusiasm for your promotional work. And, as Disney’s Mary Poppins said,

“For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and snap! the job’s a game.”

Promotion with Integrity is Fun

Fun and enthusiasm are PART of promoting your work–seriously!

(And yes, that’s a pun!)

Each post in this series is meant to give you one part of the whole. Taken together, they are meant to make a noticeable difference in your zest for promoting your work (project, nonprofit, business, cause, art, book, healing practice) with integrity. INTEGRITY MEANS WHOLENESS.

So often, we promote our work because we are told we “have to.” Where’s the fun in that?

From a mindset of obligation and let’s face it, dread, we promote our work with something less than enthusiasm and less than wholeness.  Sometimes, it’s a chore, compared with the work itself, which we love. Guess what? Promoting your work can become part of your work.

So, ok…where’s the juice?

Some might say: in your pelvis.

Yup. I went there. This post engages your creative, generative, let’s just say it: SEXUAL superpower: the power of creation!

Audio Guided Meditation

Click here for my 9-minute guided meditation bringing juiciness to your promotion of your work.


  1. The first way to get juicy with your promotion is to give yourself a playdate. Give yourself a time to PLAY. And during that time, it can feel…oceanic, wild, tempestuous, emotional, flowing, silly, happy, childlike, scary, experimental, and even sad. It’s ok to allow your emotions to arise–that means you are doing your playdate right! Remember you are playing with focus: how would you LOVE to promote your work?  Go ahead: just make stuff up! In fact, that’s the point. You are a fountain of creativity. Record your ideas with respect.  You don’t have to act on everything. If you have trouble keeping your playdate, try the approach I describe here.
  2. OK, now choose one  idea to act on. Which will it be: the wildest? the silliest? the easiest? the least expensive? the safest? the most creative? the one you think will build the best relationships with your people? the one that gets you indelibly branded as…your brand?
  3. Measure the results.  Observing your results will help you integrate changes you like into your marketing plan…you have one, right? If not, repeat 2 and 3 above til you do! For more “sensible” ideas, check out these.

Enjoy. Please? Thank you.

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