The 3 Lights You Need to Enjoy the Darkness of Winter

The 3 Lights You Need to Enjoy the Darkness of Winter

snowflakes to light up the darkness of winter

Information about our newest Instant Download: RAISING CLARITY’s Winter Video Course: The 3 Lights You Need to Enjoy the Darkness of Winter.  Image: Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

Winter Video Course: The 3 Lights You Need to Enjoy the Darkness of Winter

When you are ready, here is the Winter Video Course information and access page.  As you know, each season has its own energy. You can feel it. I am RAISING CLARITY about how to work with that seasonal energy. As each season arises in this calendar year 2021-2022, I am creating a new video course teaching everything I know in a compact and beautiful package for you to use each seasonal energy to power your calling, work, time-spaciousnesss, , money, and abundance.

What’s Special About Winter?

The challenge of Winter is non-doing. That makes the Winter seasonal energies possibly the most challenging of all to collaborate with for folks in our particular, doing doing doing, culture. It was a real challenge for me to create a short course to show you how to not do. But I did it! And I love it and want to share it with you.

Funny story: I realized during the making of the course that I was “doing” too much and messing up the video recording.

So I took a hot bath. And then I came back to record the video. And my voice was so relaxed I was inaudible!

Collaboration is the balance we achieve when we consciously, actively, embrace the support of the Winter energies!

It is not total unconsciousness or passivity! As I finally found when I recorded it for a third time. The third time was the charm.

What’s Special About RAISING CLARITY’s Winter Video Course?

Something people have loved about our Fall video course (and Time Mapping Simplified course) is that they are short. While being incredibly effective. (Check out the testimonials on those pages!)

I keep this promise to you as a challenge to myself: make it only as long as it needs to be.

The Winter course is just 15 minutes long, half the length of the Fall course. In the Fall, you used that video to plan your entire year, and clean and cleanse your way to the space to manifest your plans. It’s appropriate (and still super-efficient!) for that process to take an hour or so, and for the Fall video length to total 30 minutes, with times indicated for pausing to reflect and journal.

So what’s special about all our video courses is that they respect your time and do much in a very short period.

But what’s also special is my voice and my peace and my calm, which totally transmit to you each and every time. I’ve been grateful to hear I even remind folks of Princess Leia when she comes in the hologram! There is something both soothing and activating that enables you to get the very most in the very most spacious way from each video.

But What’s Most Special About Our Winter Video Course

Finally, the Winter video is special because it shows you and teaches you and embodies for you the peace and stillness of Winter through a few provocative, inspiring, thought experiments, insights, and suggestions–and then closes with my hallmark guided meditation created in the moment guiding you to see and embrace your own 3 Lights to Enjoy the Darkness of Winter.

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