Know Which Voice Is Talking: Step Two

Know Which Voice Is Talking: Step Two

black megaphone hanging over a black scribble of words like opinion and capitalism (in Portuguese) on a red background with the words in white at the left: Know Which Voice is Talking: Step One.

Know which voice is talking inside your head. There are a number of voices inside each of us. How do you distinguish among them?  This is Step Two of a seven-part series. Image by Ana Flávia on Unsplash.

Know Which Voice Is Talking: Step Two

You can sort out who’s talking inside your head.

Your Voices Say Different Things

Once you’ve done Step One (noticing you have different voices speaking), it’s also normal to notice that they say different things.

This is the Meaning of “Inner Conflict”

In other words, the voices inside our heads are in conflict with each other.

In fact, when we say we are having an “inner conflict,” this is a way of saying the voices inside our head are telling us different things in response to a problem.

They get loudest during a crisis. (Have you noticed?) This is not always very helpful!

Step Two: Awareness That Inner Conflict is Even a Thing

Step Two is becoming aware that this is happening, including when you’re having a meltdown. Becoming aware that you have inner voices who are in conflict.

Soothing Inner Conflict

In fact, it can soothe a meltdown to take a step back and offer your voices some space to natter on. It doesn’t mean anything weird or bad about you, and if you can give them a bit of space, you will feel instantly more peaceful. But as awesome as that discovery will be, that isn’t the point of this series!

You’re ready to go to Step Three now.


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