Know Which Voice Is Talking: Step Seven

Know Which Voice Is Talking: Step Seven

black megaphone hanging over a black scribble of words like opinion and capitalism (in Portuguese) on a red background with the words in white at the left: Know Which Voice is Talking: Step One.

Know which voice is talking inside your head. There are a number of voices inside each of us. How do you distinguish among them? This is Step Seven, the last of a seven-part series. Image by Ana Flávia on Unsplash.

Know Which Voice Is Talking: Step Seven

Sort out who’s talking inside your head when you try to hear your calling calling!

There are a number of voices inside each of us: parents, ancestors, trauma/wounding, childhood experiences—and truth. How do you distinguish among them? Especially when you want to hear your calling.

If you are just starting this series…

Here are the Steps in order to know the voices talking:

  1. One: Notice the Voices
  2. Two: Awareness That Inner Conflict Is Even A Thing
  3. Three: You Are Not The Voices Inside Your Head
  4. Four: What, Exactly, Are You Hearing?
  5. Five: Try Asking A Question About Your Calling Note: Don’t try this until Step Five. Honest!
  6. Six: Digging Into The Wisdom of Your Voices Talking

Step Seven is the last step.

This step you are on is the last step!

Step Seven: You Are Starting to Hear Clearly

You are now–only now–starting (only starting) to hear clearly. In discernment from all the other voices talking.

Remember back at Step One? That was the point! To hear what you need to hear amid all the noise.

Even More Accomplishments That Show You Know the Voices Talking

Now, when you listen to the voices, you can identify who is speaking. You can tell your crotchety old man (no matter what your gender is) from your mother, and you can tell which one is your three-year-old. Or the voice of your dad is talking (or even his dad). Even when it’s your culture, ancestors, or other larger patterns you are hearing.

Would you like to learn more?

The Council of Selves is what I call this practice. I offer an in-depth one-hour live class recording at that link. It includes a clear presentation of how to do the practice, a guided practice session, and Q&A/discussion.

Would you like to work with me?

If you have found these seven steps useful, I would love to explore working with you. And to do that, I offer you a free scope of work session. (I do this with everyone before we begin working together.) Here is more detail on what I do.

Email me about what you’d like to work on. After I assess that I can help you, I will schedule your free scope of work session with you. Here’s my email address:

Claim Your Calling!

Last, but very important: do you have a calling? Did you use these seven steps to discern the voice of your calling?

If you have a calling and you aren’t already following it, you should stop right now and watch my masterclass in the five things you need to do next to follow your calling.

If it appeals to you, I hope you’ll click the booking link at the end of the recording to book a free meeting with me.

Thank you so much for your kind attention to my seven steps to Know Which Voice is Talking.
Congratulations on completing all seven steps!



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