Know Which Voice Is Talking: Step Three

Know Which Voice Is Talking: Step Three

black megaphone hanging over a black scribble of words like opinion and capitalism (in Portuguese) on a red background with the words in white at the left: Know Which Voice is Talking: Step One.

Know which voice is talking inside your head. There are a number of voices inside each of us. How do you distinguish among them? This is Step Three of a seven-part series. Image by Ana Flávia on Unsplash.

Know Which Voice Is Talking: Step Three

You’ve done Step One and Step Two. Now you’re getting used to tuning in and just giving the voices inside your head some space.

Step Three: You Are Not The Voices Inside Your Head

Step Three is noticing that you are not the voices inside your head.

Have you noticed: you are not those voices?

Welcome to the Witness Inside You

There is a witness, a listener inside you. I describe this as you being the space in which all your voices are meeting, like the Board room table or the fireside around which everybody has gathered.

You are not them. You are the table, the fireside, the space.

Embrace The Space!

Embracing yourself as the space in which all this nattering and conversation is going on is Step Three.

You’re ready to go to Step Four now.


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