Obstacles to Abundance and Contentment

Obstacles to Abundance and Contentment

Laughing Buddha sculpture flowing into rock from which it emerges with an old, many-branched green leafy tree behind it.

This person has no obstacles to abundance and contentment! Laughing (Hotei) Buddha photo by Anukrati Omar on Unsplash.

Obstacles to Abundance and Contentment

There are three obstacles to abundance and contentment. They are not what you think! They are

    1. Lying
    2. Ignoring
    3. Being too smart.

Contentment is Abundance

Contentment is abundance.

It’s one very immediate, and immediately gratifying form of abundance. (If you need convincing, click here.)

So you need to care about your own contentment and promoting contentment.

Obstacle #1 to Contentment/Abundance: Lying

Lying is sophisticated ignoring. Lying is a fancy way to pretend that what we have, we don’t want, and what we want, we don’t have. The truth (in my experience) is we have what we are willing to have. Period. Want more? Look within, and find out where you are blocking it. (Period.)

I can help with this!

Obstacle #2 to Contentment/Abundance: Ignoring

Ignoring is the jejune version of lying. Ignoring, we imagine we are clueless, overwhelmed, not smart enough. But the fact is that we are traumatized. Wounded. Right where we want more. That’s why I call it “the central trauma” in this post where I offer to help you heal it. Because wanting more is a gift. But not an obstacle to contentment!

Obstacle #3 to Contentment/Abundance: Being Too Smart

In Obstacle #2, I mentioned feeling “not smart enough.” But we can also be wayyyy too smart for our own good. We can second-guess, not trust, not allow, not surrender to what is. (There’s also lying about what is and ignoring what is–see above.)

This is different from being wise. You can be smart and wise. But wisdom first. Smart is useful. Wise is essential. We are given wisdom–what we choose to do with it (like lying, ignoring, or being “smart” about it when we should listen to it) is up to us.

Although I’m very smart, I’m also mostly wise. So I can help you with this one, too. Together, we can outsmart your tendency to be too smart and help you tune into your wisdom.

Get Serious About Your Contentment

Take contentment seriously. There is no quicker path to abundance. (Don’t believe me? Try this explanation.)

How can you take contentment seriously?

    1. Stop lying. Notice what you have–and want it. Allow it, at the very least. This is your abundance. It may be an abundance of s**t you don’t like–and that’s worth telling yourself the truth about! Abundance isn’t good or bad-it means “an overflowing.” Start here, and continue on with any of these posts.
    2. Stop ignoring. Pay attention to what is going on in the small Petri dish of your life. You are your own laboratory. Experiment! That’s what your life is for. (You are not your life, have you noticed that?) Try these posts.
    3. Be wise. Let wisdom limit your smartness. When in doubt, defer. Defer to wisdom. See where it leads you. I guarantee you will prefer it, long-term. Remember that your life is your lab; short-term is uninteresting.
Long-term is where the abundance is. And it starts with contentment, here and now, using these steps. Contact me here for more help.
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