How Are You (Un)Blocking Flow?

How Are You (Un)Blocking Flow?


How are you (un)blocking flow? Here is a beautiful example of both. West Branch Ketchum Run. Image by Nicholas Tonelli uploaded to Flikr, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

How Are You (Un)Blocking Flow?

I’ve been thinking a lot about flow. Flow is abundance, abundance means “overflow,” but etymologically shows a wave coming down.

Flow can feel big–huge, in fact–when we don’t want it. It often feels too-small when we do want what it’s bringing us.

And this right here is the secret I am unfolding for myself and thus for you my readers about abundance:

We don’t get to choose the flow.

We get to choose how open we are to flow.

I was totally stunned by this. All this time, I’ve been focused on cultivating abundance through RAISING CLARITY. Well, clarity has finally been raised: we cultivate abundance by cultivating openness to whatever abundance is bringing us.

That’s not palatable, it’s not popular, but it is practical: to receive more, open more. To everything.

So now my question: how are you

    • blocking flow?
    •  unblocking flow?
  • How open are you generally to what life brings you?
  • How open are you to what life is bringing you right now?
  • Can you see what’s in the way of becoming more open?

What’s Blocking Your Flow That You Put There?

 You may have been growing your very own tree right in the middle of your river.

(See the photo above.)

It might be quite a beautiful tree. You may have lavished love on this tree.

But if it is blocking your flow, I suggest to you it is in the wrong place.

Dams can be made of many things.

We get used to flow skirting around them.

Then we wonder why we don’t have more abundance.

I will look at this more closely with you very soon.


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  • West Beth
    Posted at 06:39h, 04 August Reply

    Truth right here! Thank you!

    I’ve been working with inner self states. An elder helps me see when my parts are arguing with each other. 1 part is hungry for a particular Flow and cultivates it. Yet another part is freaked out by that Flow, and feels like a victim to it. Another part rolls its eyes at their disagreement and feels victimized by the ones who feel victimized. Endless! I work on when to listen to it, and when to tap in to something “larger” than that internal conversation. I’m appreciating the literal image of the tree in the river. I’m reminded of how from one vantage point it might help with shade and from another vantage point it might fall and crush little animals. From the plant’s vantage point, how great to have a steady tree to climb. And they are all right, from each of their perspectives!

    • Beth
      Posted at 17:20h, 04 August Reply

      Oh, West Beth, it is so great to read you. I love people to take my posts into their own hearts to see what resonates for them. I love the many way you help us see the tree.

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