Wanting More Is a Gift I Can Help You See

Wanting More Is a Gift I Can Help You See

It's a gift to want more. The child facing us wearing a backward baseball cap is holding up a gift.

Wanting more is a gift I can help you see. Can you see the gift? Photo by Tong Nguyen van on Unsplash.

Wanting More Than What We Have is a Gift

We work and we work. We have so much money, and no more. So much time, and never enough. Our focus is focused but not on what we want. Our mindset, truthfully, is tattered, and blown about by the winds of change.

It’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with what we have. It’s just not right, either.

Wanting More is a Gift I Can Help You See

Into this situation comes: a complication:

We want more.

We want more:

  • money
  • time
  • focus
  • freedom.

Wanting more is a gift.

It’s a Gift?

Wanting more moves us Beyond Where We Are.

But we have to see it as such. I can help you see that.

We have to see wanting more as the gift that will move us beyond

  • overwork
  • undertime
  • hijacked focus, and
  • frazzled mindset.

Our wanting more is literally G-d’s gift to us–the Universe holding us in its palm, saying: “I love you! You asked for a way out? Here it is. Follow your wanting!”

I Can Help You Start to See Your Gift with One Question

So, I ask you:

What’s in your way that you don’t see anymore?

That’s what I call the “central trauma.” I can help you with that. I will help you see that.

What’s the “Central Trauma”?

The central trauma is a core of beliefs about how the world “truly” has to be. It doesn’t look or feel like trauma. It doesn’t hurt at all. (Anymore.)  It looks and feels perfectly normal.

The central trauma is like gravity: it’s the law. The central trauma feels like safety: it’s the four walls around us. It’s our atmosphere. If we think of breathing without it, the air almost hurts, like pure oxygen.

It’s holds the floor down, the ceiling up.

The central trauma regulates how fast we can move, how deep we can breathe, how we treat other people, how other people do and will treat us.

It’s what we can expect. In other words, it’s the limits on what we can expect.

Even a Palace Can Become a Prison

But the central trauma is a ceiling above which we cannot stand or push. It’s a floor below which we can’t send down roots. It’s a room or a house or even a palace we can’t break out of. It may look spacious. But if I can’t leave, I’m not home.

It looks like me. It feels like me.

Finally Seeing The Gift of Wanting More

I am so relieved to have found out that what I thought was reality is really not.

My life is bigger, my world is bigger, my being has more space.

The rules are completely different from what I thought. And I write them.

This is what I know about you, too. And it’s how I can see your central trauma and help you not only want more, but receive it.

Please contact me here or by email: [email protected].

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