Contentment: The Missing Ingredient in Our Abundance

Contentment: The Missing Ingredient in Our Abundance

The Hindu goddess Santoshi Mata in a crown, magenta and red robes, with burgundy and white garlands around Her neck, against a background of marigolds.

Contentment is the missing ingredient in our abundance. This is the Hindu goddess Santoshi Mata, a recent (~1960s) addition to the pantheon, and so welcome! Image: Nishu0246 on Wikimedia Commons.

Abundance 101

I write a lot about abundance in this blog. So do many people who specialize in money. Much of what we write feels “grabby” to me. It’s all focused on getting more.

Getting more abundance is antithetical to one of the core components of abundance, however! Contentment.


I began to practice of contentment as one of the 10 yogic “do’s” described in this book, along with 10 yogic “don’ts” and other very practical guidance on accessing our deepest wisdom. I practice one per week in-depth, in rotation.

Contentment practice resounds deeply for me, its low, grounding notes rippling out to everything else I do. I was bowled over, for example, to learn that the yogic name for it is Santosha, and that Santosha is another name for my favorite goddess, Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and abundance!

Suddenly, everything made sense.

We Can Stop Chasing Abundance

I had been chasing abundance. Lakshmi doesn’t like to be chased, she likes to give chase. Deepak Chopra, in his little book I read every day Creating Affluence, tells a favorite story wherein we learn that in order to get Lakshmi to chase us, we have to chase everyone’s other favorite goddess–Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. And when we do, Lakshmi grows jealous and chases us.

Contentment is the Missing Ingredient in Our Abundance

Contentment is both the ingredient we’ve been missing in our recipe for creating abundance.

And it’s the essential component of our actual abundance we need to even notice we have what we have been chasing.

How could you ever know you had abundance? When would you decide you had reached “enough”? The only way you would know is if you experienced contentment.

But what we have now is what we will have then–whenever “then” is. Whenever “enough” arrives. Whenever we have that mystical lure, abundance.

Still Want to Chase? No Problem

I still want more of many things. But I no longer confuse having them with abundance. Wanting more is a gift! As I blogged about right here.

I realize in my deepest being that an experience of abundance is available to me at all times. And it looks like contentment, because it is contentment.

I even sent out an issue of my newsletter marketing–what? You guessed it! My help implementing your own contentment practice.

Turning you on to the cultivation of contentment is a very important aspect of my work helping you see and claim the time and money you need for your calling.

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