Everyone Has Money: Making Peace with All Donation Amounts

Everyone Has Money: Making Peace with All Donation Amounts

one penny, obverse side

Everyone has money. Making peace with all amounts means making peace with giving and receiving, which is a key to wealth. Copyright-free image of a 1943 steel cent by 293.xx.xxx.xx on Wikimedia Commons.

Everyone Has Money

Peaceful fundraising and peaceful donating shows respect for this. This post is a word to wise fundraisers and donors.

Keep this in mind if you want to give and if you want to receive.

May I Never Hear This Again:

“None of our members have money.”

from a fundraiser. Or,

“I don’t have any money.”

from a person asked to give money.

Because What You’re Really Saying Is This:

The translation of “None of our members have money” is

we think so little of the money our members have that it’s not worth asking them for it.

The translation of “I don’t have any money” is

I think so little of the money I have that it’s not worth giving it.

Both of these translate to: people who can give ordinary human amounts of money don’t count.


What is enough? When is our giving ever enough? When we say it is. Because enough is when:

    • fundraisers validate small, medium, and large gifts.
    • donors take pride in whatever amount we can give.
    • all of us understand that it takes all of us to be successful.

An organization dependent on large gifts is fragile. An organization dependent on small gifts is stable but probably not reaching its full potential for cross-class organizing.

We need each other, and we need each other’s giving. For wealth, we need to make peace with giving and receiving, in all amounts.

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Remember these words when you go to give, and when you go to ask. They will serve you in good stead. Happy giving! Happy receiving!

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