The Healing Power of Moving Money

The Healing Power of Moving Money


Christmas lights reflected on moving water, Tiburon, CA. Image by and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Sage Ross. Gratitude to Sage as staff of Wiki Education Foundation and an administrator with Wikimedia Commons, who have given so much to this blog!


Just taught a workshop by the same name as this post & feeling very smart about moving money.

Feeling like a shaman, like a manifestress, like a money  magician. That flow is a great place to write you from. Especially about this.

The healing power of moving money affirms flow. The opposite of abundance isn’t scarcity, it’s spending.  Very ordinary and innocent, non-dramatic: spending, something we all do. Outflow. 

To become money magicians and shamans, manifesters and manifestresses, we learn to move with the stream of money–gaining and letting go, with inflow and outflow.

Creating Affluence by Deepak Chopra is my favorite book on money flow. “Affluence” means inflow. Chopra points out that creating inflow also means allowing, even encouraging oneself to have outflow.

We teach outflow, for example:

  • sometimes through what may feel like “wasting it,” indulging in luxurylibation to the gods, poured on the ground;
  • philanthropy–conscious, active, and “til it feels good,” never “til it hurts”!
  • release of shame over how much money we have/don’t have, raised/didn’t raise, held onto/released.

Shame is a scarcity-maker. It dams flow, pun intended. Let the waters heal and break it up.

Money moves like water in our lives if we let it: to find just the right image for this workshop on Facebook, I typed in the search term, “moving water,” and found the extraordinary image illustrating this post.

Abundance comes from “wave” (look way over on the left, unda):


Image credit: No author was given for this search on “abundance, etymology.” So though I’d like to give credit for this, I’m not sure whom to give it to!

Money-work can cleanse us of shame about our personal and professional flow: if we have a hard time letting ourselves ever get wet, well… And if we are always soaking wet, well…

Here is a paper I wrote, called “Money Tracks Sexuality.” Comments, please!

What do you think? Does this mean anything to you? What helps you think about money in your own life, and how to have what you want with it?


This post and this work have benefitted from conversations with several soul-colleagues: AW, AF, BC, CB, DP…thank you!


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