Date Yourself

Date Yourself


Make a date yourself with yourself: two of the “Famous Five” at their sculptural tea party. Image uploaded by D. Gordon E. Robertson, photographer via Wikimedia Commons. Sculpture by Barbara Paterson.

Date Yourself: 3 Steps

Can you make a date? With yourself? To get some guidance for your New Year? Or simply some spaciousness? Think of it as a one-person teaparty. Without the tea. (Unless you’re like me and that’s unthinkable.)


First, create a space for yourself, alone, just you and your intuition. Or Higher Power. Or whatever you call it.


Second, create a time, too. And protect it. That’s why it’s a date, not just a thing on your things to do list that might fall off.  Just be. And see what comes in.


The third thing that’s important to do, is to ask for what you want of the higher guidance. There in your silence and spaciousness. To dive into spaciousness with me, click here.


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