Deeper into the healing power of moving money

Deeper into the healing power of moving money


Diving deeper into the healing power of moving money: this beautiful image I have come to use as the iconic image for “The Healing Power of Moving Money” is of Christmas lights on boats reflected in the water of the San Francisco Bay, seen from a hotel deck in Tiburon, California. Image by and uploaded by Sage Ross.

Diving Deeper into the Healing Power of Moving Money

This “healing power of moving money” thing is becoming a Thing with me. I’m diving into it. The work is pulling me under and I’m loving swimming in its depths.

If you’ve been following this blog, you may remember our first post on this. My favorite thing I noticed myself writing in that post was this:

The healing power of moving money affirms flow. The opposite of abundance isn’t scarcity, it’s spending.  Very ordinary and innocent, non-dramatic: spending, something we all do.

Everyone Has Some Money

Everyone has some money. Everyone spends. We obsess about inflow. Most of us have no room for more inflow, or we would have more inflow. I’m starting to think it’s how we look at outflow that is important.

Risk is Essential to Greater Flow

In realizing others’ worth, I realize how RAISING CLARITY’s work with money is unusual and valuable. I, too, want peace and good money-management. But what fascinates me is flow: experimentation, risk-taking, playing in a divine sense with money. Play with outflow helps inflow become playful.

At one level, this seems purely crazy. We learn that our job is to be sane with money. I certainly learned I was supposed to be sane with money. But I wasn’t taught how. The one who taught me how  was Deborah Price. And her work has influenced my work enormously. (See my take on her money archetypes, for example this post on the Magician.)

All the people who love RAISING CLARITY are doing something for others. They are all taking risks with money, all of them, all the time. We’re there for them. We support their staying ethical, staying edgy, staying strategic, staying mission-driven and structuring their experiments wisely. Clarity is essential to how we achieve this, together.

Money Behaves Like Water, or Weather

I can’t guarantee financial inflow. No one can. One thing I learned loving an investor (whom I met when I asked him to be my spiritual friend, what a hoot to find out we both worked with money) was that you can be both wise and brilliant with money and not know what the market is going to do tomorrow. Money is not under human control.

This is weird because humans invented money.  Just like, say, writing. We wrote the rules for writing in all our different languages which have writing, and writing works reliably to produce (for most) the results we want.

But money behaves much more like weather than like writing. Humans didn’t invent weather. We didn’t invent the elements that make up weather–earth, air, fire, water, and the ineffable element that sources them all, “ether.”

But I’m pretty watery, and so are you. Humans are mostly water. Maybe that’s why I experience money as flow. Moving with it and moving it are effortless if we are willing to see it as divine play. (Seeing it from a divine distance helps with detachment, and not making ourselves wrong for choices and whatever we call “mistakes.” The healing power of moving money heals shame around mistakes.)

Flow is Power

Water is emotional, creative, and feminine side of money. It’s also very powerful. As the Tao says, nothing is more powerful than water, though it may appear weak. (See the Tao te Ching, chapter 78, any translation).

I’m also a dancer. More and more, I teach people to dance with money. What keeps me joyful in times of financial difficulty is knowing this too shall pass–and I can pass with it, as dancers pass in a dance. My difficulties do not define me. Yours don’t define you–but you sure can learn a lot from them when you stop hating them or feeling ashamed of them.

Staying in this playfulness, I can much more seriously, see in my present the seeds of the money I want, and cultivate those seeds. If you want to know more, contact me here.

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  • David 'Black Feather' Nagy
    Posted at 16:47h, 12 January Reply

    What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderfulflowingpost, Beth Raps 🙂

    I love the metaphor of money as flow as ‘us’, and us typically being overly concerned about inflow. Sure, we can sit right below the waterfall or dam (where all the other fish have stopped, all vying for the same tidbits), but if we go a little further downstream, not only do we have the benefit of the journey itself, but experience the ease of finding nourishment /morsels in calmer, more (biologically) productive waters… not (just) being the fish but the water; Being that more productive place, actually.

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