Beyond the Law of Attraction

Beyond the Law of Attraction

To get beyond the law of attraction we need to understand something too often left out of the explanation of how it works. The law of attraction works invariably, just like this magnet. Image by Geek3 on Wikimedia Commons.


The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is like the law of magnetism in three ways: it governs the attraction of one thing for another.

It is predictable.

It’s invisible. You can’t watch the attraction happening, although you see its effects. But invisibility doesn’t make it inconsistent, unpredictable, or weak.

Think of magnets, how impeccably they work, every time.

The Law of Attraction is just like that. The Secret film and book did more to popularize the Law of Attraction than anything before or since. But that doesn’t mean the Law is well understood. And because misunderstandings continue, misuses continue. That’s why I’m writing, to help my corner of the Beloved Community be wary of misusing the Law and help us dig in and use its strength powerfully.

Clear Understanding

What is the Law of Attraction? You can find many explanations of it. Mine is very simple: like attracts like.

For example, if you want wealth, you have to vibe wealthy. Be and feel wealthy. This may sound cynical or paradoxical–how can you do this if you are not wealthy? The answer: lots of ways. (Try The Secret.)

But that’s not the point of this post. My purpose here is to help us understand how to go beyond the law by grasping the fullness of what the Law of Attraction entails, in entirety. Too often, half of it is left out–and then we wonder why it “doesn’t work.” This is the “misuse” I am talking about.

What’s Often Left Out

Law of Attraction not only works to attract what we want into our lives.

It also works to attract what we don’t want. The Law of Attraction is a law. We can’t opt out of it when we don’t like what we attract. Yes, circumstances conspire, but we attract those circumstances, and stay stuck in them because they feel familiar. Not always good–just familiar, even comfortable. Just like with wealth, we are vibing with what we don’t want. But since (remember)it operates invisibly, we  “see” what it’s showing us by observing our experience, our heart, and our mind.

So you and I have always already been using the Law of Attraction, our whole lives.

The Implications

I know: this may be a scary thought. What we see in our lives can be ugly and painful. I speak from experience.

But the magical thing I want to share in this post is how to dig in deep and use this beautiful Law especially when we don’t like its results.

When we get what we don’t like, we have work to do. Within ourselves.

The sharp, clear epiphanies I get from the truthful mirroring the Law of Attraction gives me of my life have become some of my favorite moments. Just like being wealthy, I realize I am vibing with what I hate, dislike, find painful, unattractive, sad, or frightening.

My easiest learning comes when I least resist this learning. When I look at my life, and get it, and think:

I attracted this. I own this. The story I have told myself about myself is that I am this, 100%. And now I can change my story.

The Law of Attraction provides me my most transformational encounters with myself. Consistently. Strongly. Unfailingly.

No, I am not a masochist. It’s rather that, like one of my dearest spiritual friends says, “A Sufi finds joy in sudden disappointment.”

How is this so? It sounds so paradoxical. But what are we really going for in this lifetime? Not just money. Abundance. Not just happiness: bliss, at all times. The deepest unshakeable peace. Union with the All. So if anything–anything–is able to disappoint me, I have work to do. And observing the Law devoutly tells me exactly where to work. So efficient. No wasted effort wondering or guessing or second-guessing).

One day, we will bless this aspect of the Law of Attraction more than the wealth it brought us! 

Beyond the Law of Attraction

I come from a place of Oneness. That’s where I actually live, and so do you. A place no laws exist. But to return there, I need to deal with living here. To go beyond, I have to accept where I am, first. I know only one way to go beyond the Law of Attraction. And that is the total, conscious embrace of the Law of Attraction’s mirroring of what we have attracted so that we can learn how to attract what we do want.

Utterly, 100% accepting that we have literally magnetized everything in our lives.

When we like it, and when we don’t.

We take the Law as our teacher. We

    1. learn how it moves in our lives, “watch” it at work.
    2. begin to sense its energetic signature or frequency or imprint.
    3. anticipate its pace.

These three show up differently in each person’s life, and change throughout our own lifetime, especially when we tune in to them.

I know this is a tall order. But RAISING CLARITY about the Law of Attraction means having the time and money we want for our calling and cause, and this is a huge, essential step toward that.

I can feel that I have more to share about this. I will be guided in creating future posts, classes, and live events by the questions, comments, and stories you have in response to this post. Thank you.

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