It is Essential to Take Risks with Money

It is Essential to Take Risks with Money

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It is essential to take risks with money. Even though it feels like a huge scary leap sometimes, and you are hanging out in empty space at one point with nothing beneath you, like the person leaping the mountain gorge in this image by Sammie Chaffin, copyright-free on Unsplash.

It is Essential to Take Risks with Money

Risk Cannot Be Avoided

We are human beings. Even those among us who are psychic are unable to forecast the future with perfect clarity. Thus, we will always find ourselves in the position of taking risks with money.

This does not make us stupid. This makes us humans living in linear time. We cannot forecast the future yet we must act in ways that impact our future.

As a certified money coach, I help individuals and organizations discern their unhealthy money patterns and heal them.

One of the patterns I watch for as a coach is risk-taking. The risk-taking pattern shows up as the voice of The Fool in our money archetypes.

You may think that I want you to avoid risk. Not so! We money coaches are taught by the Money Coaching Institute who certifies us that healthy risk-taking is what we want.

That’s because risk cannot be avoided, and so it needs to be dealt with.

Risk Should Not Be Avoided

Risk is normal, and we should not seek to avoid it for that reason. Risk-avoidance = letting our fears take over our minds. Letting fear take over skews our thoughts and makes risk-taking much worse.

We can’t make good decisions around risk if we are doing so from pure fear. It is normal to feel fear, and it is wise to include the voice(s) of fear in your decisionmaking.*

Risk is Where You (L)Earn the Most

With years of experience manifesting money for myself and my clients, I want to say that there’s another reason risk should not be avoided.

If we are serious about flow, and abundance, and manifesting money, we have to take risks. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” This is certainly true about money. You have to invest something in order to receive back–from the Universe, from your partner, from whatever you’re engaged in.

“Abundance = flow. (That’s what abundance means–a wave coming down.)  Flow includes stuff we want and love and like and stuff we hate and loathe and avoid.”  (from my blog post “Flow and Those Dammed Emotions”)

Risk is how you learn and earn the most! But you have to be able to learn. You have to be free enough inside to learn. And then you will earn.

How to Risk

What I love doing as your money coach blogging on your behalf, is letting you know it is ok to take measured risks.

Let me repeat that:

It is ok to take measured risks.

Thinking you have to risk it all, every time, or even most of it, most of the time, is terrifying and untrue and frankly, silly. Over-risking is the flip-side of total risk-aversion.

If You Have An Under-Risking Problem/Pattern, I…

As a coach, when I discover someone has a pattern of under-risking, I create an agreement with them and offer them the practice of taking  a measured risk. We come to an agreement with the voices inside their heads about how much money they should set aside to spend in what feels like a risky way on something important to their growth–and then the deal is that they have to spend it. This develops their flow, which is important to increasing two of their most important healthy money archetypes (the Creator/Artist and Magician).

If You Have An Over-Risking Problem/Pattern, However, I…

But with someone who has a pattern of over-risking, the issues are actually much deeper. Sometimes, a history of hatred of money is involved. Or self-hatred. It’s not usually a healthy thing, over-risking. It does not demonstrate inner freedom, or spiritual advancement.

What we want is a balance between holding money too tightly, and letting it go too easily or giving it away too freely. “How you do anything is how you do everything,” and in our money patterns we see our larger patterns of resource use, resource respect, self-respect and self-care. If we are willing to look. And my job as your money coach is to help you stand in the truth of your patterns, and heal what wants to be healed. So you can spend or save your money with joy and integrity and inner alignment.

*Using a practice like the Council of Selves which I teach.  My  beloved clients, in many cases, no longer need my help to make complex, and knotty decisions once they learn this practice. You can learn how to do the Council of Selves in an individual coaching session or I offer the teaching as a one-hour recorded class.

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