Good People Do Interesting Things with Money.

Good People Do Interesting Things with Money.

tiny tree growing out of a curled-up 50-euro bill

Good people do interesting things with money, such as making trees grow out of banknotes. Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash.

An Interesting Money “Thing”

One of the most interesting things I’ve done recently with money involved listening to a podcast.

Now, I (almost) never listen to anyone else’s wisdom.

I read–a lot! But I seldom listen to podcasts.

This one, though, got my attention–and kept it.

One of the many wonderful practices Spencer Sherman introduces us to in this podcast is identifying a “fixed belief” about money, especially from childhood.

One of my fixed beliefs from childhood was, “Good people don’t use money.”

Wow. What? I was astonished.

Like…there are people who use money–and then there are the good people.

What a hoot!

Good People Do Interesting Things with Money.

Fortunately, I have years of money-healing behind me. I’m certified as a money coach by the founder of money coaching, specializing with individuals and organizations. That means I help others heal the wild and crazy voices in our heads about money.

Thus, I was delighted that my present-day belief is

Good People Do Interesting Things with Money.

Doing Interesting Things with Money

Money fascinates me. It has ever since I became a fundraiser. Fundraising means you can do such interesting things with money!

My healing journey has included increasing wealth, and learning how to use the wealth I have.

Now you can use wealth in perfectly sane ways that are, IMHO, boring. My ways of using wealth are sometimes speculative, philanthropic, ephemeral, and risky.

I use money in ways that first and foremost support my calling and do this by creating:
possibility (simple examples: friends’ vacations; campaigns for change in policy)
justice (simple examples: reparations; ethical clothing)
pleasure (simple examples: ethical clothing; intensely delicious food)
relationship (simple examples: donating to the repast of a friend of a friend; spontaneously giving someone who works for me a raise or a tip)
spaciousness (simple examples: not working, taking time offline, not being available; because sacrificing income = using money in a very interesting way).

Would You Like to Do More Interesting Things with Money?

If you read this blog, you probably have an interest in the ways I think about money and its uses. What you might not realize is that my primary goal is helping you use money in ways that interest you

You may first need to heal the voices in your head about money that have left you fearful and risk-averse or overspending and debt-ridden.

It’s not money’s fault. Or your fault! It’s a pattern from childhood–and it can change! I’m living proof.

I will help you find your own interesting ways of using money. Email me: [email protected] or contact me here.
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