Our Work for Organizations: Consulting

What is RAISING CLARITY Consulting?


Click on the topics below for some of our areas of expertise. All our work is custom designed, affordably priced, and transparently costed out for you before we begin.

Contact Us
What are you looking for?
Email us at bethraps@raisingclarity.com or use our contact form here.
We read and respond to every contact.
We’re selective for good matches with our expertise and approach. (We’re not called RAISING CLARITY for nothing!)
If we feel we’re a good fit, we’ll propose a free scope of work meeting.
We won’t charge you until we know that we can help you, how we can help you, and about how much it will cost.
We love our work! We enjoy projects ranging from
  • very small to international (even cosmic)
  • laser-focused to wide-ranging in impact
  • solopreneur to social.
We never re-invent the wheel.
We honor your highest wisdom and share ours generously.
We work ourselves out of a job with pride and speed.

Interested? See “Contact Us” above.