Join Me Here, Where It’s Normal to Follow Your Calling

Join Me Here, Where It’s Normal to Follow Your Calling

a road with a smaller luminous inset road representing following your calling path

Join me here, where it’s normal to follow your calling. I know the path. It’s the luminous one that leads you to your self.

Where It’s Normal to Follow Your Calling

There’s a place where it’s normal to follow your calling. It’s the place I live. If you read this blog, it’s also the place you live even if you don’t know it yet. You can stop wishing. You are already there.

I am holding each reader of this blog right there, in that space where it’s normal to follow your calling.

For years, I’ve seen myself building out and growing my neighborhood in the Beloved Community (which is universal = includes everyone). In my neighborhood, it’s perfectly normal to follow your calling.

In fact it’s weird not to. There’s just no need to sacrifice anything, including your calling. Here’s what I mean.

It’s Normal to Follow Your Calling?

Yes. In other parts of the Beloved Community, it may not be. Right here, it’s absolutely ordinary to follow your calling. Everyone does it. And when they do it, everything in their lives falls into place. Everything feels easier.  Challenges make sense. Challenges grow you just like your calling does. That’s because challenges are part of your calling. Not outside it. A normal part of your calling.

It’s a calling culture. A calling community. A place where not only having a calling but talking to it, letting it guide your life and important decision-making is normal. This is my place, my culture, my community.

Is it yours too? It’s yours any time you claim your calling.

Join Me: How to meet me where it’s normal to follow your calling

Claim Your Calling Course

  • You can take my all-inclusive course in how to follow your calling without giving up anything, Claim Your Calling. Like everything RAISING CLARITY, it is super-practical and super-intuitive. You will reclaim and have more of your time, money, focus, and mindset after the course–plus know exactly how to follow your calling without giving up a thing.
    • If you’re curious to learn more after you read the link above, book a time to meet with me here. Our meeting will be free of charge because I’m selective (and so are you). To be a fit for the Claim Your Calling program, you’ll have to know what your calling is….

…Don’t know your calling?

Don’t know your calling? That’s normal, too. At first. No worries. I’m developing resources for people who doubt, don’t know, or don’t trust their calling–yet. Here are the first three:

  1. “Do I have a calling?” video, 1 minute , 8 seconds.
  2. “New Way of Finding Your Calling” blog post. Venn diagrams!
  3. “Focus on Your Calling” Guided Meditation. Password-protected content, normally for subscribers only. (Email me for the password.)

Get Support from My Beloved Community Extension Offices:

Let me hear from you about your calling and how you’re following it–or not. Writing about it helps you open the pathway to you. Submit a comment to this post! And thank you for being in my neighborhood.




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