The New Way of Finding Your Calling

The New Way of Finding Your Calling

a three-part Venn diagram showing how to find your calling at the intersection of what you love, your inner guidance/your calling itself when you tune into it, and infinite possibility

The New Way of Finding Your Calling

As you noticed last post, I’m focusing all of RAISING CLARITY on your calling. All our resources as far as time-sculpting, money magicianship, learning how to focus and pay attention to what’s important to you, and mindset, mindset, mindset (your mindfulness and your beliefs)–all are now beautifully woven into one thing: helping you find, follow, and manifest your calling. (That’s my calling!)

The Old Way of Finding Your Calling

A soul-colleague brought to my attention what I call the Old Way of Finding Your Calling.

It comes from a worthy TedTalk you can find here. I was disturbed at how codependent it seemed to me. And of course, since all roads lead to my calling, I found it totally inspiring of my creativity.

RAISING CLARITY on Finding Your Calling

Now the New Way is a whole lot scarier than the old way, I grant you. Right? That “infinite possibility” thing. It gets us every time. But honestly, it’s the truth. And there’s no way around it if you live from truth like I do, and I want you to do.

Another thing about the New Way is that it is an inside job: it’s between you and the Universe. Your calling may be never before seen.

In fact, let’s just assume it is never before seen. That’s the right place to start, so you don’t import weird ideas that don’t really have anything to do with your calling. Start fresh. Tune in.

Listening to your calling itself is what I mean by “tune in.” If it is truly a calling it is, well–it is calling. It is talking to you. Listen up!

And then find the courage (which comes from the word “heart,” of course) to act on it. Even in a teeny way. Take a small action.

And tell me about it! If you’d like to know more about my new way to follow your calling, click here. Resources you can mine to your heart’s content! Video, testimonials, and posts.

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