Focus on Your Calling Guided Meditation

Focus on Your Calling Guided Meditation

Focus on your calling in this guided meditation taking place in our dream library. Image by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.


RAISING CLARITY helps you claim your calling and reclaim your resources to follow it. I created our all-inclusive Claim Your Calling program for people who know their calling. (It wraps together all my expertise fundraising, money coaching, time-sculpting, and guiding clients’ focus and mindset.)

Where does this leave you if you don’t know your calling?

Well, now I have an answer for you:

My most robust offering to date is this 11-minute guided meditation video.

I will make this video the centerpiece of my paid “How to Figure Our Your Calling” mini-program. But it is free to you if you try it out and tell me about your experience with using it!

Help RAISING CLARITY and Help Yourself to This Video

The video is password-protected. Before you click on it, please contact me here or email me at so I can give you the password.

An Endorsement of the Video + One Person’s Experience

My soul-colleague, pain activist and educator Ma’ayan Simon has this to say about the guided meditation:

This meditation is both wonderfully inviting and straight to the point. When I started I did not know what to expect. By the end I felt peaceful and focused on my next steps to bring my calling to life. I was invigorated and felt a renewed sense of momentum. Most importantly, this meditation provided a vital opportunity to let my guidance arise naturally without “efforting” or overthinking.

She’s writing her first book. That’s good to know before you read about her experience:

I loved being invited to the library and took the elevator up. My book was old and had orange-ish red-ish book cloth. I discovered that it opened from right to left, like a Hebrew book.

I got nice and comfy. I very much appreciated that I did not have to only be in a chair. I found that as I was reflecting on my question I needed more time, which I took. I was still in the library after it was time to go but it felt OK given that you were still on the premises. (I was focused so I didn’t want to stop and pause the recording).
[What I got in the guided meditation] was to infuse more of myself into my book and other work, and put my story at the center, rather than trying to weave my experiences around the research, etc. There was also a strong feeling more than anything that was reinforcing the importance and my power in taking up space as an authority in putting this work into the world.*
It was great that I could take the book with me. I found that I had a backpack and the book fit perfectly. I put on the pack and took the stairs down. This stood out to me I suppose because the stairs reinforced this feeling of metaphoric agility and being in charge of and equipped to forge this path. There was a feeling of freedom.
Then I said thank you and goodbye to my dear friend (you!).
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