Focus on Your Calling: Guided Meditation

Focus on Your Calling: Guided Meditation

Focus on your calling with my help in this special guided meditation just for subscribers.

Focus on your calling

Putting the focus on your calling includes figuring out what your calling is.

I serve calling. But many people don’t know their calling yet.

RAISING CLARITY to focus on your calling

In order to follow your calling, you have to know what it is. And yes, I think there’s an “it” there to know. And I think each of us wants to know it, even if we have only admitted it to our deepest selves.

It’s important that RAISING CLARITY offers our Claim Your Calling program for those who already know their calling. This intensive program wraps together all my years fundraising, moneycoaching, time-sculpting, and guiding clients’ consciousness to attend to their deepest selves and greatest journey–often embedded in a presenting problem that can look very ordinary on the surface.

Where does this leave you if you don’t know your calling?

The short answer? Nowhere! Until now.

In response to need, I have begun developing a short suite of resources for people who want to follow their calling but don’t know it yet.

My most robust offering to date is this 11-minute guided meditation video.

It was formerly a part of Claim Your Calling itself. But I have removed it from the program because it confuses and conflicts with other instruction in that program.

It has a different purpose!

I plan to make this video the centerpiece of our “How to Figure Our Your Calling” mini-program. I will charge a substantial fee for participation in this program in the future.

So it has to be a substantive program offering real help you can find nowhere else, RAISING CLARITY on your calling.

My offer to you

If you will agree to watch the video, and send me your comments, however long or short, on your experience doing the guided meditation, and its usefulness to you, I will give you access to the video for $10. The $10 is simply  commitment money. It says you really want to watch the video, you’re curious about your calling, and you want to know, like I do, if this video helps you find out more about it.
Please contact me here or by email: if you’d like to do this. Thank you!


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